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App Tuesday: Live your best life with Fabulous

Image by Jake Goldberg. (The Collegiate)

Fa-bu-lous. That’s how we’re starting this App Tuesday with the help of this week’s app, Fabulous.

The Fabulous app walks you through building routines to achieve your goals in just 19 days. The goals you set for yourself can be anything, but to start, you have to choose the first preset goal of feeling more energized. Fabulous will help with your journey to feeling more energized by setting out smaller goals like drinking water every morning, having a healthy breakfast and being active to help you reach that ultimate goal. There are other goals, too, like getting a better night’s sleep, losing weight, building focus and concentration and more to choose from to get you into building a routine towards achieving your goals.

Based at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University, Fabulous researchers work on the science part of creating routines, changing behaviours and what makes people happy. But we don’t have to know all of that. We can just enjoy the easy-to-use app that walks us to success every day with reminders on our goals, exercise routines, meditation techniques, focus sessions and more.

Fabulous is free to download on iOS and Android devices. It is a subscription-based app, so if you’re looking to get the full Fabulous experience you’ll have to shell out $8 a month for their premium services. Otherwise, the app is free and has most of the features mentioned here available to enjoy.

Have you used Fabulous or have a similar motivating app to share? Let me know in the comments!


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