Home Event Campus Activities Board welcomes students with Involvement Day during Welcome Week

Campus Activities Board welcomes students with Involvement Day during Welcome Week

Students attend Involvement Day at Grand Rapids Community College on September 4, 2018 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Tatiana Diaz/The Collegiate)

Welcome Week kicked off on Tuesday with Involvement Day at the Bostwick Commons which showcased over 25 student clubs and organizations on campus.

Involvement Day, hosted by GRCC’s Campus Activities Board, welcomed over 100 students. Tables lined all of Bostwick Commons showing the diverse clubs and organizations students can get involved with while at GRCC.

Student organizations including the Hispanic Student Organization, the Black Africana Student Union, StandOut and more presented students with their club’s mission and information in the hope of recruiting new members to take part in the various events they host year round. Collegiate staffers also participated during Involvement Day to share information about the publication.

Some students who passed by the tables were intrigued by the commotion going on at Bostwick Commons, like Ariana Star, 18, of Grandville, who had never attended Involvement Day before.

“I was just walking by it to get to class, and I saw there were a lot of people around it,” Star said. “A lot of people were there and it looked cool. People were laughing and having a good time.”

For student organizations, Involvement Day is a way for them to reach new students and engage with potential newcomers.

Autumn Flachs, current president of StandOut, emphasized the importance of drawing attention to the different clubs during Involvement Day and similar events that attract new students and noted that many would not know about the group if they had not set up a table at the event.

“We’re an activist group,” Flachs said. “… we welcome anyone whether gay, lesbian, questioning and everything in between is welcome to join.”

Thalia Guerra-Flores, assistant director of Student Life and Conduct, was at the CAB booth handing out goodie bags and prizes for students at Bostwick Commons. She says that campus events like Involvement Day are important for students to build community with others.

“When people feel a part of a group or a community they are able to have support in school,” Guerra-Flores said. “It helps students create networks and helps them ask questions. Students involved in student organizations will have more likelihood to complete their year with high success.”

Guerra-Flores also wants to encourage students to get involved in any way they can during their time at GRCC to maximize the experience.

“You came to college to get an experience, make new memories and meet new people,” she said. “Take advantage of everything that GRCC offers and you’ll do just that. You can do small things like coming to an event put on by CAB, get an on-campus job, join a student organization, join a department group such as TRiO, NIA – Women with Purpose, ABO (Alpha Beta Omega), get a success coach or just stop by the Student Life office and say ‘hi.’”

Welcome Week continues on Wednesday with the Outdoor Carnival from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Juan Olivarez Student Plaza.

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