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App Tuesday: Help feed children around the world with your food pics

Image by Jake Goldberg. (The Collegiate)

Be honest, readers, you’re a foodstagramer aren’t you? Or you have at least five people on your newsfeed who are foodstagramers who show you, and the world, what they’re munching on every time they sit down for a meal. Though it’s a little annoying, the United Nations World Food Programme’s ShareTheMeal app wants you to keep on posting those breakfast burritos and cronuts in the hope of feeding children across the globe.

With the ShareTheMeal app, available for free download on iOS and Android devices, users can take a photo of their food and post it for $.50 on social media through the app. And sure, you’re probably thinking, “Well, I can do that for free already.” And though that is true, by using ShareTheMeal, your $.50 donation will feed a hungry child in another country for an entire day. The deal isn’t a bad one since it’s not easy finding something to buy at the store for $.50 in today’s economy other than a gumball or a sticker from 2004 at the toy machine.

If you’re not into documenting every morsel you consume, you can still donate to the World Food Programme through the app. For $.50 your donation will feed one child for one day, for $3.50 you can feed a child for a week or for $15 you can feed a child for an entire month. There are other donation options on the app reaching as high as $1,825 to feed 10 children for a whole year.


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