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Garren Johnson gets unique inspiration by grinding gears

Garren Johnson's ArtPrize 2018 entry of Guitars made from mechanical parts at the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids. (Brittney Whitefield/The Collegiate)

By Brittney Whitefield

Inspiration comes in many forms, and for 23-year-old Garren Johnson from East Troy, Wisconsin found his inspiration from car, motorcycle and bicycle parts.

This year is Johnson’s first time competing in ArtPrize. He  got inspired to enter when he saw another artist post on Instagram about entering the competition. He soon started to send out pictures of his art to different venues until Amway picked him and allowed him to set up his piece in the hotel.

Johnson’s entry consists of chains, gears, scrap parts from car transmissions, motorcycle parts, bicycle parts and machine parts assembled to form  three guitars. He said this piece took around six months to create.

“I don’t even bother to keep track because I really just enjoy building it rather than thinking about how long it takes,” Johnson said.

Putting random gear parts together doesn’t come natural to most people but Johnson said,“I think I just have a crazy mind – when I look at parts and tools I don’t see them for what they are for, I can picture them what I want to turn them into,”

ArtPrize is switching to a bi-annual schedule starting next year and Johnson said he’s interested in returning and aiming to submit a piece that is just as impressive as the one that he put out this year.


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