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GRCC professor Paul Krieger enters “True to Life” ArtPrize piece

GRCC Professor Paul Krieger talks about his ArtPrize piece "True to Life" at Park Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Najd Ayari/The Collegiate)

Grand Rapids Community College Professor Paul Krieger shows his talent in more than teaching with his entry in ArtPrize 10, “True to Life.”

The entry is a series of three paintings Krieger created working from photographs taken at different locations throughout Michigan. Krieger used graphite and ink to draw the three animals; a red-tailed hawk, a Grant’s zebra and a great horned owl.

“I really enjoy scientific illustration, so my main goal is to make things as realistic as possible,” Krieger said. “My preferred subject matter is plants and also zoological specimens, so the three pieces in this series are all on animals.”

Krieger teaches anatomy and physiology courses at GRCC and is part of the Biology Department, but when he’s not teaching he dedicates some of his time to drawing.

“I’ve always loved, ever since I was a little boy, both art and science,” Krieger said. “When I was in high school I was actually thinking about going into the field of medical illustration which actually does realistic illustrations of the human body and so this has just been always something I’ve been passionate about since I’ve been little. I’ve always been drawing animals and things like that, so i’m trying to hone my skills in realism more and more as I get older.”

Krieger’s piece, “True to Life” can be found at Park Church, located at 10 E Park Pl., and will be on display through the duration of ArtPrize. ArtPrize concludes on Oct. 7.


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