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The Collegiate goes around the Grand Rapids Community College campus to ask students the spookiest questions of the year

"Don't Cast a Spell on Me" sign in the first floor of the Student Center at Grand Rapids Community College reminding students to have a safe Halloween. (Tessa Osborne/The Collegiate)

By Andrea Sciamanna

Earlier this month Collegiate reporters walked around the Grand Rapids Community College campus asking students about Halloween costume ideas, fun party plans, trick-or-treating and their favorite scary movie suggestions.

Halloween is tomorrow, so there’s no time to fuss if you don’t have a costume yet.  

Kyler Vandevennen, 19, of Grandville, is taking the easy method of finding a Halloween costume by thinking of something that he already has and putting that together.

Kyler Vandervennen (pictured on the left), and Jean Adams (pictured on the right) posing for a picture while sitting outside the Main Building. (Carolyn Mathis/The Collegiate) Tatiana Diaz | The Collegiate Live

“I’m probably just going to throw on some grotesque makeup and be a zombie,” Vandevennen said. “I already have it all. I don’t have to go buy anything.”

On the other hand, Jean Adams, 18, of Grandville, knows exactly what he wants to be and puts a lot of creative thought into it. “I want to be a cowboy priest,” Adams said.

Karissa Huston, 21, of Allendale takes a different approach in planning her costume by having a theme to stick to.

Karissa Huston is all smiles when talking about her Halloween costume plans in The Quiet Cafe. (Andrea Sciamanna/The Collegiate) Tatiana Diaz | The Collegiate Live

“So this year, me and my best friend, like some of her family, we get a group and we have a group themed costume,” Huston said. “This year… it’s video game characters…. so I found some ‘Assassin’s Creed’ stuff, and I’m going to piece it together with some stuff I already have and be an ‘Assassin’s Creed’ character.”

The next important thing after a costume is the Halloween plans. Cole Sackshaug, 21, of Grand Rapids is only wearing a “viking” costume for one particular reason.

“I have one party that I’m going to,” Sackshaug said. “It’s the only reason why I’m dressing up.”

Lexie Klunder, 19, of Rockford plans on spending Halloween with her family.

“On Halloween day, I usually go to my family’s and we hand out our candy,” she said.

The last thing in order to make it truly feel like Halloween is a scary movie. Liam Snider, 18, of Comstock Park and Rolando Franco, 18, of Wyoming both responded with a classic horror movie, “The original ‘Friday the 13th.’”

Lauren Peterson, 32, of Mount Pleasant has a scary Halloween movie in mind to get her into the spirit of the day.

Lauren Peterson enjoys a bite to eat at The Quiet Cafe while discussing her favorite Halloween movies. (Andrea Sciamanna/The Collegiate) Tatiana Diaz | The Collegiate Live

“(I) really enjoyed that new movie called ‘Hereditary,’” Peterson said. “I had to wake up my boyfriend in the middle of the night because I couldn’t sleep (because of the movie). The part where the main character got possessed and started sawing off her own head freaked me out. It was so scary.” 

Now that the basics of Halloween traditions have been covered, the next question that was asked involved the age limit for trick-or-treating. Alan Parish, 25, of Brimley, Michigan said, “I don’t think there should be an age limit. If somebody wants to go trick-or-treating, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Hanan Desta, 18, of Grand Rapids also said that age shouldn’t be a factor.

“If you can pull it off, you should definitely just go for it,” she said.

Sackshaug disagreed and believes there should be an age limit.

“I stopped trick-or-treating at like 16, and I think that everyone should stop then,” Sackshaug said.

Whether your Halloween night is spent binge watching scary movies, planning costumes with your friends, party hopping or going trick-or-treating, remember to be safe and have fun.

Collegiate reporters Carolyn Mathis, Torin Ives, Erika Urivez and Halle Raab contributed to this report.

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