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TRIO welcomes large turnout for Summer Research Fair

Students attend TRIO's Summer Research Fair in the Raider Grille on January 23, 2019 at GRCC's main campus in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Lillian Linscott/The Collegiate)

By Lillian Linscott

Grand Rapids Community College hosted the Summer Research Fair on Wednesday, Jan. 23. Although many of the colleges that had planned to attend were not able to due to weather conditions, there was still a large turnout.

Academic Advisor for TRIO Student Support Services Anna Maria Clark was excited about the large attendance and opportunities afforded to students through the program.

“I just want to say I am so thankful to all the professors that encouraged students to get involved,” Clark said. “This program is such an amazing opportunity for students.”

Previous participating students of the program also attended the event. One of which was Ashley Fox, 26, of Grand Rapids. Fox originally went into the program thinking about becoming a veterinarian, but learned that she was interested in anthropology and now works at GRCC.

“Anna Maria encouraged (me), she encourages all of her students to do experiential learning, she just really pushes students to get involved,” Fox said. “My experience was very enriching and educational.”

Amina Eliamin, from Egypt and Nhung Pham, from Vietnam, students at GRCC and staff at TRIO, were also at the event. They talked of how much TRIO has improved their academic careers and their personal lives. They encouraged students to join the program and seek help with TRIO when needed.

“TRIO feels more personal, and inclusive,” Eliamin said. “There is a different energy in the TRIO office, always motivated. All the ladies that work there feel like moms.”

One of the representatives at the fair included Jodee Hunt, biology professor and faculty fellow in the office of undergraduate research and scholarship at Grand Valley State University. She said that she looks forward to coming to GRCC each year for the fair.

“I love GRCC students, there are a lot of incredibly wonderful students,” Hunt said. “Having the opportunity to come here to GRCC and meet the students who are interested in transferring to Grand Valley and doing research in a variety of our disciplines is a great joy for us.”

To learn more about the Summer Research Program and other programs offered by TRIO, follow this link to their page or check out their office in room 332 of the Student Center. The deadline for the Summer Research Program ends on Feb. 15.


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