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GRCC students share their Valentine’s Day plans

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By Hannah Empie

While flowers, cards and chocolates sell well on Feb. 14, but Valentine’s Day is not for everyone. Overwhelmed with the decor, people being reminded about how single they are and the pressure for a gift, Valentine’s Day engulfs individuals with a manufactured obligation to celebrate the holiday.

On this Valentine’s Day, The Collegiate staff went around campus and asked students their opinions of this lovers holiday.

While some enjoy celebrating, not everyone identifies with this Hallmark holiday. February forces those that are single to evaluate their love life which often results in newfound loneliness or other negative emotions in general.

Ernesto Tores, sees the holiday as a “waste of money.” Considering the average consumer is paying a premium for chocolates in a heart-shaped box, this is an understandable viewpoint for any college student. Others like 19-year-old, Luke Gillette, of Saranac, Michigan, feels indifferent about it as a whole and says that it is “just like any other day.”

People often think of their partners on Valentine’s Day, but there’s love in all areas of life which Molly Mason, 18, of Ionia, states perfectly. She says that the way to spend Valentine’s Day is, “spending it with people you care about – it doesn’t have to be a boyfriend.”

For example, Trinitee Bradshaw, 18, of Grand Rapids, enjoys the holiday because, “my dad sends me flowers every Valentine’s Day.”

Whether or not plans consist of indulging on the on-sale chocolates or seeing a movie without the kids, The Collegiate wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Collegiate reporters Thomas McNeill, Tyler Scott, Daylyn Huff, Connor Maclachlan and Megan Shaw contributed to this report.


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