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Latino Showcase on Wednesday brings the laughs and some Latin flavor to LaughFest

"Everything at Gilda's Club is free, and free is very expensive. So your support is what keeps that door open and keeps helping members of your community," said Michael Radner, brother of Gilda Radner.

LaughFest continues this week with the Latino Showcase at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 13 at The B.O.B., located at 20 Monroe Ave.

The show features Nick Guerra, Aida Rodriguez and Ramon Rivas and will highlight their unique comedy styles. While Guerra is a LaughFest veteran after visiting the comedy festival in 2015 with comedian Cristela Alonzo, Rodriguez and Rivas are newcomers this year. Though he’s new to the LaughFest scene, Rivas is no stranger to the comedy stage and is excited about performing with his fellow comedians.

“I think the coolest thing for me, having been able to work with Nick and Aida randomly over the years, is how unique each of our (points of view are) from each other’s,” Rivas said. “While we are talking about the experiences of navigating in our politicized bodies in America, that comes across completely differently from each of us. And it’s subtle and lovely and nuanced.”

LaughFest is bringing the three comedians together on one stage, but Rivas has worked with his fellow performers on different projects in Los Angeles and thinks highly of his counterparts.

“Aida is arguably legendary in the LatinX (community) with the scope of her TV appearances and continuing relevance,” Rivas said. “And Nick wears suits so he’s well on his way. It’s pretty humbling to be a gently employed stoner from Cleveland and get to occupy the same space with such prolific talent.”

During the Latino Showcase, Rivas will give his audience a glimpse into his life and upbringing with a comedic real-life twist.

“Someone asked what my act was about recently, and I responded with poverty, race and sexual power dynamics,” Rivas said. “Those are the bigger deeper topics which I get at through stories about my family and traveling abroad as a big, broke, brown boy.”

He’s hopeful that Wednesday night’s audience will enjoy the time they’ve spent together and leave with some Latin flavor in their hearts mentioning his takeaway for the audience is, “Ideally the same thing they’d take from a non-Latino showcase: a sense of joy and fulfillment. Except with better spices.”

Tickets for the Latino Showcase are still available through the LaughFest website and are $15 per person. The show is rated “R…Really” which means the show features content with profanity and/or vulgarity and is intended for audiences aged 18 or older.

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