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Campus Activities Board looking for leaders

Campus Activities Board were all smiles welcoming students to Club Day in January 2016.

By Molly Mills

Student Life and Conduct at Grand Rapids Community College is looking for a diverse and competitive pool of student leaders to apply to the Campus Activities Board. Applications for these positions are due Friday, April 12. Elections will be held at 1:15 p.m. on Friday, April 19.

Students will be building leadership skills and getting experience. These are paid positions with stipends paying between $750 and $2,200 per semester depending on the position, and students will be doing a lot for the campus and other students. Responsibilities of the positions include planning homecoming, finals relaxers, the leadership banquet and welcome week.

Interested applicants can submit a one-page letter explaining what position they are applying for and why they are interested in becoming a CAB team member.

Thalia Guerra-Flores, the assistant director of Student Life and Conduct, says she wants to see a variety of candidates applying for the positions.

“We want all types of candidates to apply!” Guerra-Flores stated in an email to The Collegiate. “There is no ideal candidate, we believe that everyone brings something to the table. However, CAB is a lot of work and you have to be committed to getting things done and being on task. You have to learn how to work with a team and you have to be opened to new and different ideas than your own.”

Guerra-Flores also mentioned the responsibilities of the positions and the effort the chosen candidates will have to make to be successful.

“(It involves) a lot of planning, a lot of thinking about what could go wrong,” she stated. “We as a team work together to make sure an event gets planned. We want to create experiences for students that make them feel pride for GRCC and make them feel connected to campus.”

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