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GRCC Board of Trustees hold very brief May meeting

The GRCC Board of Trustees are gathering today for their meeting for the month of September. (The Collegiate)

The Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees raced through their agenda on Monday, rounding everything out in eight minutes and change.

Before the regular board meeting, there was a closed session that was held from 1-3 p.m. According to the Open Meetings Act, public boards are allowed to hold closed sessions to consider personnel evaluations of staff members and to consider the purchase or lease of real property. Administrators did not specify the nature of Monday’s closed session.

This was followed by a work session, during which the board discussed a motion to lower the number of regular board meetings from seven to six. However, there would still be seven work sessions.

At one point, the board would meet 11 times per year. Board chairman David J. Koetje found that 11 meetings “wasn’t a good use of his time,” to which vice chairwoman Deb Bailey agreed.

“It felt like a number of those meetings were literally 30-minute meetings because there wasn’t enough content or the decision making that drove it,” said Bailey. “And I feel like there were times where it almost looked like we were just rubber-stamping things to get things through because there weren’t things to discuss.”

With their light agenda, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Monday’s board meeting started at 4:15 and ended less than 10 minutes later.

At the regular board meeting, Lisa Freiburger, vice president of finance and administration, announced a new partnership with Legal Copy Services Inc. for the Michigan New Job Training Agreements. The company gave a bond of $70,000 to the college.

“The Michigan New Jobs Training Program is a state program that allows for the college to partner with employers to provide training,” Freiburger explained in an email to The Collegiate after the meeting. “The training is restricted to new employees and is funded through the diversion of payroll taxes by the employer. The program is designed to help incentive employers to locate and expand their workforce here in Michigan. So…ultimately the training and related costs, totaling up to $70,000 will be paid for through the diversion of payroll taxes by the employer.”

In other news, GRCC President Bill Pink then gave his president’s update, highlighting the Kentwood Police Department’s hiring of Jesalyn Heard, who is a GRCC graduate. Heard is the first African-American female to be sworn-in as an officer for the Kentwood Police Department.

Pink also spotlighted the GRCC golf team and their run to the national tournament in Plymouth, Indiana.

“I’m very proud of our athletics here this year, and in this case to be this far out from school and to see your golf team still doing well and progressing at the national level and representing our college nationally,” Pink said.

From there, the board opened up the meeting for public comment, to which nobody had any. After the final board comments, the meeting adjourned, clocking in at a short and sweet eight minutes and 24 seconds.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 10 in the board library. To watch this meeting in its brief entirety, click here.


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