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GRCC campus police have new white parking passes

The old green parking pass and the new white parking pass (Matthew Scheidel/The Collegiate).

If you have recently tried to use a green parking pass when trying to get out of one of the parking ramps at Grand Rapids Community College, you probably noticed that the machine wouldn’t accept it. As it turns out, there’s a reason for this.

Matthew Scheidel | The Collegiate Live

GRCC upgraded the pay in lane machines and ticket spitters immediately after the winter semester concluded. GRCC Police Chief Rebecca Whitman explained the reasoning behind the upgrade.

“The old machines were no longer supported by the manufacturer for repairs, and some of the equipment was at least a decade old,” Whitman said. “The pay in lane machines were not compliant with new PCI regulations so those needed to be upgraded.”

Whitman then explained the process for students, faculty, and department members to exchange the old parking passes.

“Any green validated passes must be turned in to campus police for exchange to the new validation coupons,” Whitman said. “Any passes purchased by departments should be returned to Karen Coen so they can be replaced.”

Whitman said that campus police have not yet set a deadline to exchange the old green passes for the white new ones.

“However, depending on how many validation coupons a department has, it may take a few days for us to have the replacements printed,” Whitman said.