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New Coach, New Recruits, Same Goal

New GRCC men's basketball coach Jeff Bauer (Matthew Scheidel/The Collegiate).

GRCC’s head basketball head coach Jeff Bauer has been hard at work this summer. He has been recruiting, scouting, making sure all players have their academic work done, filling out his coaching staff, and making sure everyone has their housing and financial aid forms set straight. One of the most crucial things is the recruiting and here are some of the recruits the Raiders have gotten so far.  

Chandler Collins out of Unity Christain is an extremely versatile player, playing every position in high school averaging 10 points per game while shooting 55 percent from the field, 31 percent from the three and 60 percent from the free throw line.

“He’s a good shooter, tall, lanky, good body, and good IQ,” Bauer said. “He was also part of the state championship team this past season so he’ll be coming in with a winning mentality from a good program.” 

Darien Banks is a 5-foot-9 guard from Roseville who earned D1 All-State honorable mention for his play his senior season.

“He can really shoot and can handle,” Bauer said when talking about Banks’ game. 

He averaged 15 points per game his last season at Roseville, so it seems like he’ll be a microwave scorer for the Raiders playing on and off the ball. 

Malik Clincy was freshman of the year, first team All-MCCAA, and on the all-defensive team in 2017 for Mid Michigan and then was at Aquinas before coming to the Raiders.

“Clincy is a 6’4” athlete, who can shoot and handle,” according to Bauer. “His athleticism is very good, and he’s a hard worker,” Bauer said. 

Hopefully he can win some more awards and win some games for the Raiders. 

Jaylen Williams went to The Village School Texas. Bauer said he’s “really excited” to have Williams on the team. 

“He’s a 6’4” utility guard and wing, good athlete, can handle. He had a couple D-1 offers,” Bauer said, explaining that Williams also had an ACL tear. “So he’s kind of under the radar right now.” 

You can never have too many athletic wings as the Raiders seem to be stocking them up. 

Bauer described Devin Jennings is a little like Chandler Collins. He’s also tall and lanky, with a good frame,” Bauer said. He averaged seven points, eight rebounds, and two blocks his senior season at Cassopolis. 

The 6-foot-4 wing seems like a versatile piece for Bauer to use as he can play inside and out. 

Bauer also spoke on some of the returning players and the leadership they’ve been providing, the two main guys being Cam Spicer and David Hearns. 

“Cam Spicer is a really big piece and he gets it and he understands what he means to be successful.,” Bauer said. “(He’s) a good passer… His leadership will be crucial for us. David Hearns is similar to Cam and will help us lead on and off the floor.” 

With these new recruits coming in,  Bauer plans on keeping the system from last year, but he is willing to make adjustments. 

“The system they had last year would fit in something I would like to do again… but I just try to put guys in place so they can be most successful,” Bauer said. 

That seems to be a good policy even at the highest level. In the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs have been so successful for such a long period of time and is due to their ability to mold the system around their player’s skill sets. A few years ago they had some really great three point shooters, so they centered more of their offense around perimeter play, but this past season they had two of the premier mid-range shooters in LaMarcus Aldrige and DeMar DeRozan, so they switched it up and were in the top three in mid-range shots taken this season. 

Even though the season seems far away, the goals for it seem to be clear. 

“We want to be competitive… but the main thing is to focus on the process and compete every single day,” Bauer said. “…We want to be in the mix for the league title and make it to Danville… If we don’t get the conference, that’s not gonna be a failure if you focus on the process.” 

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