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Save the hassle of parking on campus by riding the Silver Line

The Rapid offered students the opportunity to step aboard the new Silver Line bus.

With the fall semester starting soon, new students may have questions about parking on campus. How much it costs, how much time they should leave themselves with, and where they should park. However, there is another transportation option that will save all of that hassle and stress: riding the Rapid’s Silver Line. 

If you’ve walked up and down Division Avenue., then you’ve probably seen a silver line bus. It’s a green bus that says “Silver Line” on each side. It’s pretty hard to miss. Launched in 2014, the Silver Line runs on 9.6 mile route with 34 stops.. It starts at 60th street, goes up Division until Wealthy Street, then turns onto Wealthy and loops around the downtown Grand Rapids area before ending at Central Station. The route includes a stop right here at Grand Rapids Community College, where the campus meets the Spectrum Health Hospital on Ransom Street. 

As far as payment options are concerned, there are several options. The first option is the discounted student 10-ride bus pass, which costs $10.50. You may be asked for your student-ID if you use this ticket, so be sure to keep that handy. When using the ticket, you validate it at one of the machines at the bus stop before every ride. It should last you approximately five days. The next option is the 31-day bus pass, which costs $47. With this ticket, you validate it the first time you ride, and you’re good for the next 31 days. The third option is the semester bus pass, which costs $130. This ticket is good for 128 days after you validate it. The last pass is the senior/disabled pass, which costs $30 and requires a Rapid issued verification card. You can purchase all of these tickets at the Student Life Office.

Riding the Silver Line or any of the bus services in Grand Rapids is a great way to save money on transportation. Assuming the average student parks on campus four days per week (Mon.-Thurs.) at $3.50 a day, that comes out to $14 per week. For a 14-week semester, that adds up to $196 per semester. Let’s say a student goes to GRCC for two years, then transfers. Assuming that student doesn’t take any summer classes, we take that $196 and multiply it by four semesters, and that comes out to $784 to park on campus everyday for two years. 

Now let’s say someone uses the $130 semester pass for four semesters. That comes out to $520 for two years. That’s an extra $264 to spend on books, tuition, or whatever students may need. Plus as an added bonus, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of all of the parking ramps on campus being full. I would highly recommend this transportation method for any student, especially if they are looking to save some cash.