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Scholarships Being Offered to New GRCC Cross Country Recruits

GRCC freshman runner Jack Kehoe finished with a 29:41 time in the first meet of the season

By Tim Wheeler

The Grand Rapids Community College Men’s Cross Country Team is currently searching for new runners to join their team. GRCC is offering scholarship money to interested runners in the Community College as long as they fit certain basic criteria. 

While there are many factors that go into why or why not someone may be suited for being a cross country runner at GRCC, GRCC Athletic Director Bill Firn says the criteria is “more like an interview to meet eligibility requirements.” 

These requirements, which are minimal, are that the interested athletes are enrolled in at least 12 credits at GRCC and that they meet the appropriate level of physicality that cross country requires. Really, Finn said that comes down to if the athlete believes they are up to the challenge of the tiring but rewarding activity. 

“It’s a tough sport, and we need passion,” Firn said.

The cross country meets that the athletes participate in tend to be over five mile runs, but Firn said  that you really only need to be a novice in order to join the team. In terms of commitment, Firn, who understand the vast and large commitments college students undergo nowadays, says that they are “open to be flexible to make it work.” 

Firn said the lack of runners has nothing to do with injury, but instead students dropping out at the “twelfth hour.”  Some students left for a different institution in August which caused the open slots and scholarships to become available. While there was a worry that there would be no student athletes to benefit from the generous scholarships, the team found some new members who can receive the monetary assistance for their time and commitment to the team.

Firn said they have already filled the remaining open spots with two new men but also that it is not too late to join and that there are still options available for anyone interested in joining the team and receiving scholarships. 

Firn said that their slogan recently has been “we are looking for a few good men.” 

If you are interested in joining the Men’ Cross Country Team, and think you may be one of the few good men they are looking for, contact GRCC Athletic Director Bill Firn at williamfirn@grcc.edu.


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