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Student Alliance First Meeting of the Semester


Grand Rapids Community College’s Student Alliance approved a nearly $250,000 budget at  the first meeting of the semester Aug. 29.

The total budget is $249,022.34. They carried over $24,022.34 from last year. Campus Activities Board has the biggest expense at $74,205.88. Some other big expenses will be student leader compensation at $72,500 and homecoming which cost $10,000.

With a budget this big, the student alliance hope to accomplish a lot this year with it.

Nio Walton, Communications Director, stated, “Our goal is to get the student body aware  of the resources on campus and comfortable with us enough to let u know the problems they’re having on campus, so we can fix them.” 

The meeting also covered important topics like future events planned for this semester like welcome week and the individual events planned for each club.