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The Losers last stand, ‘It Chapter 2’ review

Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the clown.

By Jamie Miller

Well it’s all been leading to this, the final chapter of the It films have been released and the film does not disappoint.

It: Chapter Two is a sequel to the first It movie which tells the tale of the Losers Club, A group of misfits who band together to fight the titular It also known as Pennywise the clown, an alien being who takes the form what its victims fear most and feeds mostly on children every 27 years.

The Losers consist of Beverly, a young girl who is bullied at school for being  allegedly promiscuous; Bill, a young boy whose little brother Georgie was murdered by Pennywise; Richie, Bill’s best friend who is kind of a loud mouth with a foul mouth; Mike, a young African-American orphan being raised by his grandfather and who is considered a misfit in town due to the color of his skin; Ben, a young, overweight child with a passion for poetry; Eddie, a young germaphobe with a mother so desperate for a sickly child she gives him fake pills and an inhaler telling him he needs them; and Stanley, a fellow member of the Losers and the son of a Rabi.  

After a long fight depicted in the first movie, the Losers kill Pennywise… or so it seemed. However, in It: Chapter Two, Pennywise is far from dead, returning 27 years later to brutally kill and feed on a young, gay man. Mike, who never left and is now the town’s librarian, summons the Losers back after 27 years but the adults who return look somewhat different than the children we knew from part one. Beverly is now a successful fashion designer in New York where she is married to an abusive husband. Bill is now a successful mystery writer living in Los Angeles and  married to an actress. Richie is a stand up comic in Chicago. Ben who is no longer overweight and is a successful architect in New York. Eddie is now a risk assessor in New York. And Stanley is now an accountant in Atlanta. Their memories have mostly faded after 27 years, and yet they are drawn back … home. 

So the Losers reunite after promising to 27 years ago to take on Pennywise. But know this, this movie is not a happy movie and not all the Losers will make it.   

With a star-studded cast including Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader and others including the returning Bill Skarsgård as the villain Pennywise, and director Andy Muschietti this movie is one wild ride. And on top of that the author of the book the film is based on,  Stephen King, has a cameo. 

However, that being said the movie’s not perfect. The scares fall a little short at times and the film comes across as more creepy and weird then full on scary. At times I found Pennywise more goofy than scary. And they would often show gruesome deaths which viewers of horror films expect, but often the viewers imagination is scarier than anything Hollywood can whip up.  

That being said “It” actors play their parts well. And the movie was highly entertaining. 

However, don’t go into the movie expecting it to be just like the book – it’s not. While this film follows the book more than the 1990 miniseries, it’s not a shot for shot portrayal. Pieces such as the fact that Maturin the turtle a cosmic entity , creator of the universe and sworn enemy of It does not appear in “It chapter 2”. Another difference is that in the book Richie is a disc jockey, not a standup comedian and Eddie runs a Limo rental company and is not a risk assessor.

Rotten tomatoes gave the film a 63 percent and audience score of 78 percent

I give it 3 out of 5 stars. Go see this movie.