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Christians are Compelled to be Compassionate. Have They Been with Kayne West?

Kanye West performs during his 'Jesus Is King' release event at the Forum in Inglewood in October. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ABA/TNS)

Kanye West’s recent album, “Jesus Is King,” has bore the brunt of much disapproval. Secular critics claim it’s a publicity stunt. Christians have pondered if his profession is genuine. 

All are welcome. That is the central message interwoven throughout the Gospels. There is nothing that one can do to separate themselves from the grace and mercy of Jesus. There is an unending labyrinth of sins. We humans cannot escape that. He, the One who chose death so that we might live, accepts you just as you are. He meets you in the midst of agony and sorrow. He rejoices in your triumphs. 

It is not for us to decipher the personal relationship someone has with God. It is for Christians, the followers of Jesus, to encourage and walk alongside everyone. If we are to mimic the life and ministry that Jesus led, we are compelled to love and accept everyone. All are welcome. 

One of the first song’s West ever released was titled “Jesus Walks.” With his new gospel album, it appears as though West hasn’t made a radical change in discourse, but rather is returning to the origination of his music and faith. 

It is a mischaracterization of Jesus to think that West is outside the bounds of Christianity. In fact, it is quite the opposite. God is extending an outstretched hand to all those who are broken and lost. There is nothing anyone can do that would make them unacceptable to Jesus. He created you. He loves you. He longs for a relationship with you. 

I am saddened that people who aren’t Christians judge Kanye West using labels such as idiotic, egocentric, misogynistic, etc.

I am troubled that those who claim to be Christians would condemn him for now calling on the name of the Lord. 

Loved, saved, accepted: that is what Jesus thinks of West. 

West boldly and unmistakably declared Jesus is King. Jesus will not reject him. Why are we rejecting him? Why are we questioning the authenticity of his faith? That is not for us to do. Even if he rescinds everything he’s said, the fact he claims will forever remain: Jesus is King.  

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