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Diversity Lecturer To Speak on Native American Advocacy

Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses (courtesy photo).

At 3 p.m. today in Grand Rapids Community College’s  ATC building, Jordan Marie Daniel will be speaking about the problems Native Americans face today. Some of them are the same issues Daniels’ ancestors have been fighting for over 400 years, and some are new to the world and Native Americans. 

According to her Facebook page, Daniel is a citizen of the Kul Wicasa Oyate (Lower Brule Sioux Tribe). Her organization, Rising Hearts Coalition, has pushed for Native American rights for years. She alone has done work by protesting, doing public talks and running marathons under the banner #Runningforjustice. 

Go to the speech to hear about these issues and more. One of these troubling issues is the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (#MMIWG) which is arguably the only demographic with no national data on the number of missing and murdered people.