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A Guide to GRCC’s TV Channel

Grand Rapids Community College media center located in the Library and Learning Commons.

It’s easy to get lost in all the resources Grand Rapids Community College gives  students to stay updated on college news, not to mention the national media bombardment. Have no fear, The Collegiate is here to help clear at least one thing up.

The College Channel – What is it?

What is it? 

The College Channel is more formally known as the Higher Education Television Authority (HETA),” said Klaas Kwant, video content production manager, “Since the cable company at the time had to use city conduits (telephone poles, etc.) to reach homes, the city required that a certain number of channels on cable be allocated for different types of public access: higher education, K12 education, city/county government and public access (which you may have heard of as GRTV.)”

Some cable providers still operate something like that. The College Channel in our area is owned by Comcast so The College Channel is on Comcast Cable Channel 903 (Digital) and AT&T U-verse Channel 99 according to the college website. 

What is the focus of the College Channel?

Higher education. Meaning anything and everything college. From interviews with famous people to flying GRCC students, I mean anything. See a guide here.

“GRCC is one of several local colleges who provide programming that airs on the channel,” said Kwant. 

By looking at what is on the guide and online right now, GRCC appears to be the largest contributor in content on the channel. 

Some of the other colleges that contribute are Aquinas College, Calvin University, Ferris State University and Grand Valley State University. Other organizations like the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum also contribute programming. 

“Each college (or organization) has a representative who determines what is shown,” said Kwant. 

But what if I don’t have Comcast?

GRCC has a YouTube channel. Not all of GRCC recorded content gets posted online, but “In the case of GRCC’s content, what we put on our YouTube channel also gets captioned,” said Kwant. There is also a myriad of YouTube channels with related content from other colleges and organizations on GRCC’s website.