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Anything Mentionable is Manageable: Mister Rogers’ Lessons for Today

Tom Hanks in “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” (TriStar Pictures)

By Emma Dykstra

Mister Rogers’ impact on our society is undeniable. To this day, his legacy goes on through the new cartoon spinoff, “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” on PBS. He taught his audience numerous important emotional life skills on how to be better people.

Fred Rogers began his show, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” back in 1968 with the purpose of teaching children lessons about life and how the world worked, back when the political climate seemed rather hopeless through the Cold War.

“Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” which was created for mostly preschool-aged children, finished production in 2001, leaving off with 31 seasons and 912 unique episodes, teaching things such as empathy, forgiveness and the importance of talking through feelings.

A film based on Mister Rogers’ legacy, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” released in theaters on Nov. 22 of this year, featuring Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers. This film teaches the same lessons that Fred Rogers taught in his original series so many years ago.

The main storyline follows a young, pessimistic journalist, Lloyd Vogel, through a journey of self-realization and forgiveness while working on an assignment to write a profile on Fred Rogers.

Forgiveness and empathy were at the forefront of Mister Rogers’ teaching in the film and in reality. These are life skills and strengths that our society needs to take on to function correctly. Another major aspect of the film was talking through feelings, namely anger.

Though the original series was aimed at young children, this film is aimed at an older demographic, featuring an adult learning the same lessons the children learned through the show.

Even adults can learn, or even re-learn the lessons that Mister Rogers taught on his show. Emotional intelligence is a skill that more and more employers are looking for in potential employees.

These days, more and more people are finding it hard to talk about their feelings, causing them to become pent up, leading to stress and other complications.

With the changing social climate today, Mister Rogers’ lessons teach us, in his own words, that “anything that is human is mentionable and anything that is mentionable is manageable.”