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Campus Police Reports for Jan. 1 – Jan. 8

(Lucas Southwell/The Collegiate)

By Hayley Babbitt

Campus Officer Visits Emergency Room at Spectrum After Choking on Rice

On Jan. 3,  a Grand Rapids Community College Police Officer was sent to Spectrum Hospital  after choking on a “clump of rice,” according to the police report. 

The heimlich maneuver was performed by nearby Officer Ryan J. Ford, who was also the one to file the police report. The affected officer was released from Spectrum shortly after his arrival and was breathing normally.

Parking Violation at the Early Childhood Center

On Jan. 4, a complaint was made to campus police about a blue Dodge Ram pickup truck that had been left in the Early Childhood Center parking lot. 

The vehicle’s registration did not match any current Grand Rapids Community College students or staff and was unattended and unmoved for over 24-hours. A warning ticket was issued with a 48-hour grace period before the vehicle would be eligible to be impounded for illegal parking. The vehicle ended up being removed, presumably by the owner, and the issue was resolved.

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