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Campus Police Reports for Feb. 17 – Feb. 21

(Lucas Southwell/The Collegiate)

By Hayley Babbitt

Man Removed from the Ford Fieldhouse

On Feb. 18, Officer Martin Ruiz was dispatched around 5 p.m. and alerted of what appeared to be a homeless man sitting on the front steps inside the Ford Fieldhouse. After activating a body camera, Officer Ruiz made contact with the suspect, who claimed to be waiting for his mother to pick him up from the building.

The suspect told Officer Ruiz that it had been too cold to wait outside, and so he had moved inside the building. Lacking any form of identification, the suspect gave a debit card to Ruiz. With a record scan appearing clear, Officer Ruiz issued a warning to the man and notified him that he could not be inside of any Grand Rapids Community College buildings without being a student.

After being addressed by Officer Ruiz, the man left the building without incident. No further action was taken.

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