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Campus Police Reports for Jan. 22 – Jan. 27

(Lucas Southwell/The Collegiate)

By Hayley Babbitt

Bathroom Graffiti – Main Building

On Jan. 22, Grand Rapids Community College Officer Zack Penniman was notified by Chief Whitman that a malicious destruction of property was reported in the men’s bathroom in the main building. The MDOP was first brought to Penniman’s attention around 3 p.m. that Wednesday, along with another complaint of graffiti in a gender neutral bathroom.

Officers Martin Ruiz and Penniman noted an etching of an ice cream cone in the bottom left area of the mirrors with ‘Soup 15’ written in the middle. After further investigation of the gender neutral bathroom, the officers reported that ‘Soup 15’ was also etched in one of the sinks.

After conferring with the building manager, it was discovered that the graffiti had first been reported back in 2015. A school janitor had been interviewed about the graffiti, and said that although the men’s bathroom etching had been there for years, he had not been sure about how long the graffiti had been in the gender neutral bathroom.

Parked Vehicle Hit in Devos Campus Lot

On Jan. 23, Officer Thomas Stasiak responded to a report on the upper level of the Devos Campus parking structure. Stasiak was told to look for a Ford F-150. Around 6 p.m. that day, a female student driving an Aztek had swiped the side of the F-150, leaving paint transfer on both vehicles along with scratches. 

The owner of the Ford received a tip of the Aztek driver from a classmate, who proceeded to give him information on her car. Stasiak spoke with the Aztek owner, who said she had misjudged her space while turning into the spot by the F-150.

No further action has been taken.

Parked Vehicle Hit in Bostwick Ramp

Officer Kaye Newberry responded to a complaint of a parked vehicle that had been hit in Ramp 1 of 140 Bostwick on Jan. 27. The victim told Newberry that a friend had parked beside her, and informed her that she had seen a vehicle run into the back of her car. There was damage to the bumper of the car along with scratches underneath the license plate and small dents on both of the plates.

The suspect vehicle is a white van. It is assumed that the driver had not noticed damage and decided to drive away to a different space. The suspect is described to be a white female with blonde hair.

There is no further information about this report.

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