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Campus Police Reports for Jan. 30 – Feb. 3

(Lucas Southwell/The Collegiate)

Suspicious Situation Reported by GRCC Employee 

An unidentified GRCC employee reported a suspicious person/situation with Campus Police on Friday, Jan. 31. The employee contacted police dispatch via phone on Jan. 30 but waited until the following day to file a report. 

The individual stated that he parked his 2000 four-door white Honda Accord in the designated staff parking area on DeVos Campus. After returning to his car several hours later, the owner noticed that someone had entered it. However, no items were reported stolen and the vehicle was not damaged. It is reported that the center parking break was engaged, the glove box was open and the vehicle’s insurance and registration documents were left on the passenger’s seat. 

The owner noted that the rear passenger door is broken and suggested that could have been the source of entry. 

There are no suspects or witnesses. 

Property Destruction to Vehicle at Bostwick Parking Ramp

On Monday, Feb. 3, Officers Zack Penniman and Martin Ruiz met with the individual who stated that while waiting under the control arm of the parking gate, it closed and caused damage to his vehicle. The individual was stopped underneath the arm as he waited for the car in front of him to park in the Bostwick Parking ramp. After calling Ellis Parking, he was instructed to contact campus police. 

Penniman reported the status of this case as closed. 

Larceny Reported by Board Game Club 

On Thursday, Jan. 30, Grand Rapids Community College Officer Thomas Stasiak responded to reports of theft in the G2 corridor of Raleigh J.  Finkelstein Hall. A member of the GRCC Board Game Club, which meets weekly on Thursday evenings, reported that one board game and multiple books were missing from the closet where they store their items. After sending out messages to all members of the club, a list was compiled of all missing items including the approximate cost of each and totaled $215 roughly.

Stasiak stated that with a lack of video evidence there are no credible leads. In the police report, the officer said he would be contacting the club’s advisor and suggesting the closet have a permanent lock installed with the key remaining at Police Dispatch. 

Man Caught Sleeping on Campus Grounds

Early in the morning on Monday, Feb. 3, GRCC Officer Paul Coulson, while out on mobile patrol, noticed an individual sleeping behind the fountain on the south side of Bostwick Commons. Coulson stated that the suspect was asleep and covered in blankets but did wake up after Coulson identified himself as GRCC Police. The subject had no photo identification on him. 

The officer issued a verbal warning for trespassing and encouraged the man not to return. 

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