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GRCC Students React to Trump’s Acquittal


Grand Rapids Community College students shared their opinions after the United States Senate acquitted President Donald Trump on two articles of impeachment Wednesday.

“It was a farce,” said Jared Dobias, 23. Dobias described the vote as a “subversion of justice” in which the Republican Party portrayed “obvious bias.” Dobias was also upset at the Senate’s decision to not call witnesses during the impeachment proceedings.

Nathan Seaver, 18, a self-identified Republican, seemed pleased with the Senate vote.

“I think what they’re trying to do is pretty stupid,” said Seaver. “I feel like everything they’re saying (Trump’s) doing is over-exaggerated.”

Meagen Botello, 29, was personally displeased with the results.

“I just don’t agree with it,” Botello said. “I’m kind of upset actually, (and) a little disappointed. (It’s) just not how I thought it was going to end.”

Whether happy about the results or not, many were not surprised.

“Some of the people on the Senate have to uphold their reputation of being a Republican,” said Robie Tompson, 22. While not surprised by the result, Tompson still thought the impeachment was worth it since Trump is “not really for the people.”

When asked, most students admitted to not being up to date on the impeachment and many did not even realize that the vote had already taken place and that Trump had been acquitted.

Cassidy Logay, 23, explained why she hasn’t been following the proceedings too closely.

“Drama is drama, and I feel like that’s all politics are,” Logay said. “It’s important to pay attention to it, but when it’s Trump, everyone is going around in circles it seems like with him.”


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