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Rainy day, better bring your umbrella: a review of “The Umbrella Academy” season 2

A column straight from the unorthodox mind of Jamie Miller. Often written during the middle of the night, Miller provides reviews of TV shows and movies, books, and details life through from his perspective (artwork by Abby Haywood/The Collegiate).

By Jamie Miller – 1:53 a.m.

Good evening Nightlighters. It’s me, “the perpetual stargazer” Jamie Miller here with, you guessed it, another issue of Night Light. Now as any of my fellow Collegiate  staffers can tell you there are a few shows I am obsessed with and praise/ borderline rant about. Among them are “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Angel,” “Lost Girl” and a few others. Among the list is “The Umbrella Academy,” and I was elated when the second season dropped on Netflix, but also cautious. I wondered if it would be able to ride the momentum of the first season. Well, not only did it ride the momentum, it went “Point Break” on it. How you may ask? Well read on. There will be spoilers of the first season here so read at your own peril.

“The Umbrella Academy” season two which premiered on July 31 upped the ante from the first season, as after a global cataclysm brought on by Vanya, The Umbrella Academy- a dysfunctional team of superpowered adopted siblings- out of desperation jumped blindly back in time. This has the side effect of stranding them in 1960’s America, the results of which are entertaining and at times hilarious. However, the biggest problem arises when Five figures out somehow they brought the Apocalypse back with them thus inspiring a mad dash to set right what they set wrong before an unknown error results in the end… of everything. 

The show stars Tom Hopper known as Dickon Tarly from “Game of Thrones” as Luther Hargreeves who was something of a “daddy’s boy” with the power of super strength and the upper body of a gorilla, literally. Then there’s David Castaneda as Diego Hargreeves, the family rebel with the power of telekinesis which he uses to toss throwing knives with superhuman accuracy and to curve them and pull off impossible throws. There is Robert Sheehan who played Simon Lewis in “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” movie in the role of Klaus Hargreeves, the family trainwreck who can see, hear and talk to the dead in addition to making them corporeal. He is also an alcoholic, drug addict, egomaniac and just an all around mess of a man. Allison Hargreeves is played by Emmy Raver-Lampman of Broadway fame. Allison has the power to make people do whatever she wants simply by saying “I heard a rumor”…. For example “I heard a rumor you punched yourself in the face.”  Ellen Page known for films such as “Juno” and “X-Men: The Last Stand” plays Vanya Hargreeves who, after being told her whole life that she was a insignificant nobody without powers, discovers in the last season that she was actually mad powerful with the ability to harness the very power of sound even her heartbeat as a weapon. She can do something as small and precise as slashing Allison’s throat or as huge and devastating as bringing down a whole building, or destroying the moon. After discovering this last season, she then proceeded to attempt to destroy the earth in a fit of madness and rage. Aidan Gallagher as Five a member of The Academy with the power of teleportation and time travel who has a child recklessly attempted to time travel without practice and marooned himself in the future after the Apocalypse were he survived for a very long time as a time traveling assassin until finally travelling back to the present doing which reverted him back to his thirteen year old body. And finally Ben Hargreeves is played by Justin H. Min who has had small roles in shows such as “CSI: Cyber.” With Ben’s powers,he could summon giant tentacle “horrors” from his body, he is a ghost that only Klaus can see. Also returning from season one are Kate Walsh from “Grey’s Anatomy” as The Handler, the flamboyant leader of the commission, an organization that upholds the timeline and is Five’s former boss. Colm Feore, who has been in numerous TV shows and movies in the role of Sir Reginald Hargreeves, the billionaire who adopted and trained The Academy. He is no father of the year. And this season is Ritu Arya as Lila Pitts, a mysterious young woman who Diego befriends; however, there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to her.

I must confess, this season wasn’t as good as the first… It was even better! The characters, even the new ones, were very well developed and yet they didn’t sacrifice even a second of action. All in all this is a very good season I give it eight and a half torches out of 10. Watch it. 

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