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Campus police reports July 23- Sep. 1

(Lucas Southwell/The Collegiate)

Man Washing in Campus Fountain Asked to Leave 

On July 23, at 12:08 pm, Officer Martin Ruiz was dispatched to the south end of the Bostwick Commons in reference to a male washing his body in the water fountain. Dispatch advised Chief Rebecca Whitman was requested to identify the man. The man admitted to cleaning his body in the water fountain. He was given a verbal warning for trespassing and was warned if caught washing in the water fountain again, he would be arrested for trespassing. Whitman informed the man he could sit at the table on the commons but couldn’t wash his body in the water fountain.

Jeep Stolen From M-Tech

On July 28, at 12:32 pm, Officer Robert Peters was dispatched to the M-Tech building to a vehicle theft. The student informed Officer Peters that he purchased the vehicle that was a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee this past Sunday. He parked the vehicle in the main parking lot on the south side of the building at 5:10 p.m. The student returned an hour and a half later seeing his car that he locked prior coming into the building. I called the previous owner who confirmed the car was bought on Sunday. The vehicle was entered to LEIN as stolen. Officer Peters called Merl’s Towing which found the vehicle in Wyoming Michigan for disposition. The owner contacted the previous owner and informed them the vehicle was towed to Merl’s Towing. Officer Peters looked for prints where they would be located. There are no known subjects.

Suspicious Person Arrives Incoherent at Student Center Seeking Medical Treatment

On July 29, at 8:56 pm, Officer Kam Robles was dispatched to suspicious activity on the northeast corner of the Student Center where an unknown female appeared   incoherent and carried on an abnormal and inconsistent conversation. She said she arrived on campus via public transportation from Kentwood wishing that I grant her authorization to her medical doctor’s private practice to speak with him. 

Two Stuck in Ramp 2 Elevator 

On Aug. 11, at 2:13 p.m. Officer Ryan Ford was dispatched to an elevator in Ramp 2. The caller stated they were on the 5th floor and the doors wouldn’t open. The right car came down empty and I sent it up to level 7. Officer Ford called the elevator again in an attempt to bring the other elevator down but it didn’t respond. I walked up to level 5 and was able to make contact with the two people inside the elevator. Elevator Services would be at the scene in 15 minutes or less. Elevator Services arrived in five minutes, but the service man was unable to open the doors at level 5. He then went to level 6 and was able to open the door. He manually moved the car down to open the level 5 doors from inside. The people stuck in the elevator were let out on level 4.

Man Panhandling at ATC

On Aug. 17, at 7:58 a.m., Officer Tony Myers was dispatched to the Northwest balcony of the ATC building near the Art and Bev’s restaurant on a report of a homeless person panhandling to the construction workers in the area. The subject told Officer Myers he wanted to see a GRCC employee. The employee wasn’t working on campus. The subject said that a custodian already told the subject the college wasn’t open right now. The subject willingly left the area being told they would be subject to trespassing if found on GRCC property again.

Driver Caught Driving with Suspended License & Plates 

While patrolling the DeVos Campus on Aug. 24 at 1:13 p.m. Officer Tony Myers, Officer Kaye Newberry heard a loud traveling vehicle. After running the plates on the white SUV, they came back expired. The SUV came to a stop in front of a duplex, Officer Newberry asked the driver what was wrong with their muffler and he stated it was their engine. Newberry then informed the driver that their plates were expired asking if they had an appointment with SSO, the driver said yes but argued to show proof, telling Newberry he didn’t have to show her shit. The female that was in the car told the officer that she would find the email. Newberry then asked the driver for his license, and he was uncooperative, after seeing the appointment email the male driver handed over his license saying, “I will let you look at my license because I respect you as an officer.” While running his license the male driver went into the house. The license came back expired. Once other officers arrived the female passenger became angered. Officer Myers stayed with the female to calm her down while Officer Ruiz and Newberry talked to the driver. Newberry informed him that his license was suspended, he told the officer he had no idea that it had been. The driver informed Newberry of a lot of issues that had been occurring in his life, Newberry decided to not give him the citation. Newberry told him to speak with the 61st District Court to take care of his suspended license within the week and that he needed to show the officer that paperwork otherwise he would have the citation for driving while suspended.

Closed no further action taken.

Driver Caught Speeding in Construction Zone 

On Aug. 24, at 11:07 am. Officer Martin Ruiz was doing a stationary patrol on Fountain Street east of Ransom Street when a black Dodge Charger approached at high speeds, not slowing down. Ruiz pulled over the driver and informed him that he was being stopped due to speeding in a construction zone. The suspect stated he was coming from his probation officer and that his license was suspended. After running his license it came back suspended for not taking care of a previous speeding ticket. Ruiz contacted Chief Whitman and they recommended issuing a citation for driving with a suspended license and have the registered owner of the vehicle come pick it up. Ruiz issued the citation and confiscated his license. After the owner arrived Ruiz ran her license, which came back clear, and released the vehicle to her. After being informed that Ruiz wasn’t supposed to confiscate the driver license it was returned to him.

Man and Woman Found Sleeping Outside RJF 

On Aug 24 at 7:11 a.m., Officer Paul Coulson was informed by facility personnel that people were sleeping on the grass outside of RJF Hall. Coulson approached the two suspects, one male one female, who were sleeping outside the Carpenter Shop doors and informed them that they were on GRCC property. The suspects were unaware that they couldn’t sleep there, Coulson explained to them GRCC’s trespassing policy. Both were unable to present photo identification, but cooperated with providing their names. Coulson ran their names, the woman came back clear and the male’s came back with a restraining order in Detroit. Both were issued a warning and released.

No further action taken.

Three Caught Skateboarding in Parking Ramp 

On Sept. 1, Officer Martin Ruiz was doing a mobile patrol of parking ramps when he saw three subjects skateboarding in the ramp. Ruiz approached the three and advised them not to skateboard in the ramp, asking them if they had seen the signs that prohibit skateboarding in ramps. They became quiet after that. Ruiz ran their I.D.’s which came back clear. No one was given a citation or a verbal trespassing warning, just informed not to skateboard on campus. The three cooperated and left the ramp.

No further action has been taken.

Bike Stolen From Bike Rack Near RJF Hall 

On Sept. 1, Thomas Staslak met with the victim who stated that he had parked and locked his bicycle at the southeast  corner of Bostwick Avenue and Fountain Street at 9 a.m. prior to his 9:30 a.m. class. He returned to the location at 3:00 p.m. and did not see his bike. The victim checked the area making sure he was in the right spot, however, he was unable to find his bicycle. Due to no camera footage, Officer Stasiak was unable to determine the exact time the bicycle was taken.



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