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Gov. Whitmer discusses election options and security during press conference

Gov. Whitmer at the Sep. 16 press conference. Photo credit to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's press team

By Kory Goldsmith

During yesterday’s press conference, Governor Gretchen Whitmer gave an overview of what voting in the Nov. 3 election will look like.

Dr. Joneigh Khaldun gave updates of COVID numbers throughout Michigan. Grand Rapids numbers have increased to 70 cases per million, in large part due to colleges and universities. Meanwhile, 85,500 people across the state have recovered from COVID-19 within 30 days of beginning symptoms.

She also stressed that kids aren’t spared, noting that this week, a  2-month old baby in Michigan died of COVID-19. Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome Failure which is associated with COVID-19 has resulted in the deaths of 16 children across the country. 

Doctor Khaldun gave no update on when bars will be reopened again. “While we still are getting a handle on the virus, it’s very appropriate for our bars to remain closed.”

“I’m truly optimistic,” Dr. Khaldun said. “That a safe and effective vaccine will be developed and be even ready this fall.”

Then Secretary Jocelyn Benson stepped up to the podium after Dr. Khludun and talked about the multiple options available for voting in the November election. She believes the state will see a record number of voting which will exceed 5 million. The projection for mail-in balloting will be 60-70%. 

Ballots will begin to be mailed on September 24. In person voting will also begin on September 24 and end on November 2. At local precincts on election day, poll workers will be wearing masks, face shields, and gloves.

“Democracy is a team sport,” Benson said. “We are on track to have a successful election, but we need everyone to do their part to ensure we pass that finish line successfully.” 

She warned about the fear and misinformation we might experience as election day gets closer. 

Benson encourages people to share with her office by email at misinformation@michigan.gov about anything they see or hear anything suspicious, wrong, or just confusing about the right to vote this year.



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