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Crewmate ‘There is 1 imposter among9 us’

Screenshot from the title screen of "Among Us" (Aspen Strauss/The Collegiate)

By Aspen Strauss

Shhhhhhh! Be quick to finish your tasks, report the bodies found, accuse the suspicious, and find the imposters to gain a victory. Welcome to the game of “Among Us.” 

“Among Us” is a multiplayer game created by Innersloth, the team of three. Forest W., Marcus B., and Amy L. are the creators of the addictive game that has the nation fleeing to their phones and computers to play. Released on June 15, 2018, the game didn’t start to become popular until 2020. 

So what changed two years later after the release of the game? Twitch streamers. It started with a couple of gamers playing and streaming live. After people enjoyed watching the game more began to stream, and more began to play, growing the popularity to not only influencers but everyday people who found the game to be entertaining. After a while, the game crossed over into the YouTuber, the Tik Tok, and the Instagram communities, and more. The Twitch community alone has over 3.2 million followers and 121,000 viewers for “Among Us” and every hour of the day someone is streaming live for you to watch. 

Screenshot from the game “Among Us” (Aspen Strauss/The Collegiate) Sabrina Edwards | The Collegiate Live

How to play:

Once you find a game to join, you can run around as you are transported by ship in space to your destination at The Skeld, MIRA HQ, or Polus. While on the ship you have the option to customize your character’s color and pick a fun hat accessory if you please. 

Immediately after your ship has landed, you are randomly assigned to either be part of the crew with your crewmates or, you are the imposter. The role of the imposter is to kill all the crewmates before they complete their tasks.  Meanwhile, the crewmates work to complete a series of tasks without being killed by the imposter. 

Tasks range from fixing wires on the ship, uploading data, swiping your ID card, helping the ship stay on course in Navigation, to helping in the MedBay by scanning your character’s body. If you are lucky enough to be selected as the imposter your job is a bit more difficult. As the imposter, your job is to be sneaky. You have to fake tasks to blend in with the rest of the crew, sabotage and confuse your crewmates by turning off the lights, cause the reactor to have a meltdown, or cause an O2 deprivation to create mayhem throughout the ship and slow down the task completion rate. You can lock people in specific rooms to cause panic, and if you’re lucky enough to sneak a kill you can escape through the vents to another room to cover your tracks.

Screenshot of a task you have to do in “Among Us” (Aspen Strauss/The Collegiate) Sabrina Edwards | The Collegiate Live

Once a body is found and reported, the crew is then able to discuss what they saw, where they were, what task they were working on, and who they think killed their crew member. If someone seems suspicious, the crew can vote on who they believe was the imposter. Once the majority votes and everyone agrees, a player is ejected from the ship. If the suspected crewmember was the imposter the crew wins and the game is over,  but if not, the game continues until the imposter is found. If the crew completes all the tasks in time with enough players still alive on the ship, the crew wins and the imposter is ejected into space and the game is over. 

If you were unlucky enough to be killed by the impostor and voted off the ship, you then turn into a ghost. As a ghost, you are still able to finish your remaining tasks and you can watch your fellow crewmates as they roam around the ship, or you can follow the imposter to see who his or her next victim may be. 

“Among Us” is not only a game of skill, speed, and one’s ability to be sneaky but also persuasion, deceit, and confidence. Throughout the game, as the imposter, you can lie your way to the top to come out victorious, but it all is determined by your ability to persuade your crew into believing you aren’t the one killing your crewmates. 

For a game that had no players a few months ago, “Among Us” has recently taken the world by storm to become the most popular video game. With now over 100 million downloads and more than 60 million daily users, this game has now captured the attention of almost everyone. 

After speaking with local players, many say they were introduced to the game by other social media platforms other than Twitch.

 “I heard about it through TikTok,” said Maggie Jenkins, 17, of Grand Rapids. “It’s a fun game but kinda confusing at first and can be stressful. But, I understand why so many people love it because it gives you a little rush of adrenaline when playing.” 

Kate Ottenwess, 18, Grand Rapids, is a huge fan of the game and also found out about its popularity through TikTok. 

 “When I’m playing, I get really angry and frustrated at dumb people,” Ottenwess said. “The most difficult part about the game is when people spam the emergency meeting button when I’m trying to finish my tasks. Or when friends play together on FaceTime and I don’t know it so if I’m the imposter and I kill one of them they rat me out. Personally, if I got to choose I would rather be the imposter than the crew.” 

You can play “Among Us” for free on the app store for IOS devices and Android. You can also play on Mac and PC by downloading BlueStacks to your desktop and downloading “Among Us” from there.

“Among Us” has overtaken the nation as we work together to find the imposter and fix our ship to return home safely. With only one remaining question left…. 

“Who is sus?”


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