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Screams from the screen: Movies and TV shows to watch this Halloween

A column straight from the unorthodox mind of Jamie Miller. Often written during the middle of the night, Miller provides reviews of TV shows and movies, books, and details life through from his perspective (Abby Haywood/The Collegiate)

Greetings Nightlighters, it is I, “he who lives at night and sleeps by day,” Jamie Miller here with yet another issue of Night Light. Now as you should know by now I am a huge horror buff. Like huge, so I am completely ecstatic that Halloween is just around the corner. The very season of scary movies and TV shows. The problem is deciding what to watch. There are so many, so never fear because ole Jamie’s here with suggestions, so just sit back, grab your hockey mask and bladed glove… and enjoy!

The Sight of Fear: Movies and TV shows to terrify you

Many people like straight up terrifying horror movies and shows, the gorier the better, the antagonist monsters inside and out. For you, my twisted friends, I would recommend the “Friday the 13th” remake and “Sinister.”

 In the “Friday the 13th” remake the filmmakers reimagine Jason Vorhees as a survivalist and an even crueler killer if that’s possible, the old Jason would stab and slash you with his machete while walking ominously. The new Jason runs at you full speed and brings his machete down between your skull and toasts you in your sleeping bag over an open fire. 

“Sinister” is the tale of a true crime writer who has the bright idea to move his family into the site of a gruesome murder of a family, as he stays at the home he finds a package marked home movies, and what they show is completely and utterly bone chilling…. There have been other murders and they have all been captured on film. And with that discovery the movie only gets more and more frightening and twisted. 

Now as for TV shows that will terrify you I recommend two, “Slasher” and “The Strain.” “Slasher” is an anthology series, meaning that each season is its own separate story with its own separate characters, season one called “The Executioner” deals Sarah Bennett coming back to her hometown where many years ago, on Halloween fittingly enough. Her parents were murdered and she was cut out of her mother’s torso, by the killer who was dressed as an executioner. So as an adult, Sarah goes back home to sell her parents house hoping for closure. Instead she finds a new set of murders based on the seven deadly sins committed by someone dressed as an executioner, and in the process of finding the truth discovered that the town is built on a house of lies that is about to collapse and reveal their secrets for the world to see.Based on what I’ve seen the first season is the best. The second season is basically slasher movie greatest hits. Something something, sins of the past, yada yada. Season 3 looks promising but I still need to finish it. 

Another TV show worth checking out is “The Strain”. The Strain which is from the twisted mind of horror legend Guillermo Del Toro, is a story of survival and loss. Basically the premise is a plane pulls into a New York airport with everyone onboard dead with the exception of a few survivors. And a large box full of dirt. And with that a war for the very fate of humanity begins against a relentless undead horde. Yes, we’re talking vampires, but these aren’t your standard pansy “Twilight” breed of vampires these things are purely and simply… evil. They have no goal except the destruction of the human race and will do anything to achieve it, they have no fear, no sense of self preservation… No humanity. Add on top of that the stinger that shoots out of their mouths and injects worms into those unlucky enough to be stung and turned into a vampire. Simply terrifying.

The fear of laughter: Comedic horror movies and shows

Now if terrifying is not what you seek, and you desire funny, then in terms of movies I recommend  “Scream” and “Sleepaway Camp II Unhappy Campers.” “Scream” is probably one of the most meta movies of all time. I mean the movie talked about rules to surviving a horror movie. Other than that the premise is a simple whodunit, a killer taunting people over the phone. Now as for “Sleepaway Camp II Unhappy Campers” in that the killer from the first movie, Angela Baker, often regarded as horror’s first transgender killer, is back, and this time Baker is killing those she thinks are “bad people.” 

As for TV shows, I recommend  “Teen Wolf” and “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” “Teen Wolf” is the reimagined tale of Scott Mcall a young high schooler who one night is bitten by a werewolf and as a result gains the superhuman powers of a werewolf and uses those powers to do battle with those who would hurt the innocent people in his community. And despite that dramatic sounding premise it has a lot comedic moments, nearly all of them involving Mccall’s best friend Stiles.  

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer” is the tale of Buffy Summers, a young woman who is something known as vampire slayer and must wage a war on those who would hurt the human race be them vampires or other demons with the help of her circle of friends which later on include two redeemed vampires, a witch and others. Once again a dramatic show with many comedic moments, mostly in the timing and dialogue 

Classic Kills Never Go Out of Style: Classic horror movies to check out

And how could I do a watch list without covering the classics? For movies in this category I highly recommend  the original  “Halloween.” “Halloween” is a simple tale, boy kills sister, is committed to insane asylum, breaks out and begins another killing spree. 

Another great Halloween film is “Friday the 13th part III.” This movie is significant in many ways. It was in 3D, it had Jason Vorhees kill someone with a harpoon, and was also the debut of his iconic hockey mask. In all honesty, I would recommend pretty much any major slasher movie from the late 1970s to 1980s. And of course you can’t go wrong with the oldies, including “The Invisible man,”  “Night of the Living Dead,” and “House on Haunted Hill.” 

Now as for old school scary TV shows, I have two you need to watch, “The Twilight Zone” and “Tales from the Darkside.” As far as bonus recommendations, “Freddy’s Nightmares” also wasn’t bad and I remember some good things about the show “Night Visions,” too.

So those are my suggestions, key word mine. By all means, watch whatever gets you in a  Halloween mood.  If you wanna watch “Human Centipede” on loop, in all honesty, you scare me, but go ahead. And if you just wanna watch the old “Goosebumps” then do it… Just, please for the love of all that is good, don’t start watching Christmas movies in Oct.


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