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Police reports Oct. 4 through 20

(Lucas Southwell/The Collegiate)

By Kory Goldsmith

Woman Trespassing Attempts to Get in Science Building Basement 

On Oct. 8 at 7:18 p.m. Officer Kam Robles arrived at a suspicious situation near the north end of GRCC Science Building. GRCC facilities staff were approached by a 26-year-old woman who wanted to get into the building’s basement. The conversation was described to dispatch as abnormal.. When Robles arrived, the woman participated in normal conversation. She said she was a student who didn’t have her RaiderCard or any other ID with her.. The woman was informed she could not be on campus unless she was seeking student status. She left without issue and was given a trespass warning and told that she could not be on campus unless she was seeking student status.

Three People Caught Trespassing While Eating  Pizza in ATC

On Oct. 10, at 1 p.m., Officer Paul Coulson was contacted by faculty at ATC Facilities 

concerning three people who appeared homeless and were eating old pizza in the 2nd floor lobby of the Wisner-Bottrall Applied Technology Center. At first the trio claimed  they were GRCC students who had just left the GRCC Library when it closed and moved to the ATC to eat. Police informed them that while the library is open for public use, other areas of the campus were limited to students and those conducting college business. After they were approached by GRCC Police and asked for ID, the three suspects eventually clarified that they wanted to be students. The three people were informed that current COVID health guidelines were strictly enforced for the safety of staff, faculty, and students. The three suspects explained they were homeless. Only one had a photo ID which was from North Carolina and didn’t have any criminal record or outstanding warrants. Police explained  college property, boundaries, identification placards, and the trespassing policy. The suspects were given a verbal trespassing warning and escorted out of the building.  

Woman in Student Center

On Oct. 19, at 4:48 p.m. Officer Kam Robles arrived at the GRCC Enrollment Center where a visibly upset 21-year-old woman had arrived claiming that she was being followed by a man. The woman told police that she was involved in an off-campus altercation prior to arriving at GRCC. She explained that her ex-boyfriend assaulted her current boyfriend near an unknown train station in Grand Rapids. The woman was able to give Robles the name and ethnicity of both her ex and her current boyfriend. She said that she kicked her ex-boyfriend to allow her current boyfriend to escape and said he may be in the area. Robles advised the woman to lodge at Mel Trotter Ministries to which she agreed. She was also advised to contact the Grand Rapids Police Department and to make a report of the assault. GRCC police transported the woman to Mel Trotter Ministries without issue.


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