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An appeal to reason: End Trump’s madness

A column header designed for night Light by Jamie Miller, a culmination of reviews and opinions from a night owl (Abby Haywood/The Collegiate).

By Jamie Miller

Greetings Nightlighters it is I, “the stargazer,” Jamie Miller with yet another issue of Nightlight. Now as many of you likely know, this election year has been fierce. From protests and riots to COVID-19 and conspiracy theories, this quite frankly has been the year of hell. However, now there’s a faint light at the end of the tunnel. President Donald Trump has lost the election to former Vice President Joe Biden. Let me say that again, Trump has lost the U.S. presidential election. There is zero evidence of any voter fraud on the part of either political parties unless you count Trump’s ridiculous conspiracy theory. And it is ridiculous. But the most ridiculous part is… people are actually believing it but I’ll get more into that in a second.

Before I go any further let’s go through the scorecard of what has happened under Trump’s watch as president. Coronavirus hit the country like a freight train through a glass house taking the lives of more than 250,000 Americans, my grandmother among them. Trump said it would disappear like a “miracle.” Trump has encouraged his supporters to mistrust the free press. He has also peddled out facts that are completely bogus, bashed Dr. Anthony Fauci and presented him as incompetent. On top of all that, now that Trump has lost the election not only is he refusing to concede, he is trying to fight the results of a democratic election, claiming it is all just one big conspiracy to screw him over. No, Mr. Trump you’ve screwed us all over time and time again. This is the country saying enough. This is the country taking the first steps to end this madness, to end this nightmare, to save this country, while there’s still a country to save. So please, I beg of you, don’t listen to the lies being spouted out by this charlatan. He claims to be a man of God. Now, I’m no religious scholar, but I’m pretty sure this con artist doesn’t speak for him. Trump likes to claim he fights for the American people. He doesn’t. He likes to present himself as some sort of hero. He is no hero. A hero fights for others, he only fights for himself. 

I have, or rather had, friends who are big Trump supporters. And one of them told me that coronavirus is natural selection. The weak die and the strong survive. Now my grandmother may have been old… but she was not weak. I’ll tell you what weak is, weak is mocking the service of a man who fought and bled for his country when you yourself have never had to fight for anything. Weak is mocking a 16-year-old environmental activist who knows more about global warming than you. Weak is being so arrogant and cocky that when coronavirus began to decimate the world just saying that America had nothing to worry about. Then Americans started dying, still don’t wear a mask and keep packing together in small spaces. It will all work out. Trump likes to keep pedaling conspiracy theories. Mr. Trump, do you have any idea the damage you caused? I know you didn’t create COVID-19, and the global pandemic isn’t entirely your fault. But you could have lessened the damage. You like to say how the Democrats didn’t want to shut down the country either. That’s not the bloody point. The point is you could have lessened that damage. But you didn’t. You were more worried about looking strong than you were concerned with saving American lives. And as a result the American people have suffered. And after all that you have the audacity to in addition to refusing to accept even the smallest amount of responsibility for the plight we are all in, you even refused to accept that the American people have had enough. You have the nerve to claim that the election was rigged, you can’t accept your own failure. So I guess it is on us. The American people. And to my fellow Americans I beg of you, do not believe this con man, who claims to represent the common man. He doesn’t, the little bit of  knowledge he has of the common man likely comes from being on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” So, my fellow Americans, I beg of you let’s all mask up and end this madness, before it ends us.


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