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Police Reports Dec. 14 through Jan. 21

GRCC Campus Police Building (Lucas Southwell/The Collegiate)

By Sherry Sokolowski

Dec. 14

8:51 p.m, Officer Paul Coulson was patrolling near the Grand Rapids Community College preschool when he was approached by a 41-year-old man who was very concerned about returning his mother’s “stolen” Amazon tablet. At first, the man was imprecise and insisted the officer return the tablet. Eventually, he explained that he unintentionally put it in his pocket before leaving her house. The man was worried that his mother had reported it as stolen and the Grand Rapids Police Department was aware of it. Officer Coulson then called for a GRPD unit on the scene. After an additional follow-up with the man, police were able to get full identification and contact information for his mother. Dispatch contacted her and she was grateful for it to be returned. At 9:08 p.m., the man was released. The tablet was then taken as recovered property and returned to the mother in person.

Jan. 13

5:58 p.m, Officer Kam Robles was dispatched to a questionable situation at the Leslie E. Tassell M-TEC building on 622 Godfrey Avenue SW. Dispatch told Officer Robles that a man wearing jeans was asking students for money and became upset when the M-TEC staff asked him to leave. Once the officer arrived, a Tassell M-TEC staff member told him the subject was asking for money and a bus pass from students and faculty for half an hour. The subject also had freely mentioned he had just been released from jail. When the staff member asked him to leave, he grew angry but eventually left. Officer Roubles searched the area but the subject was unable to locate him upon arrival and after speaking with the staff member. 

Jan. 21

12:22 p.m., Officer Kaye Newberry was dispatched to the Enrollment Center due to a man causing a scene. The subject was described to be wearing a stocking cap and blue coat. As he was leaving the stairway between Cook and Raleigh J. Finklestein Halls, he instantly identified himself as the man they were looking for. He was talkative and told the officer that he was not causing any trouble, but the woman he spoke with said she would call the police. The subject said he was trying to find a computer to use to get on Facebook to reach out to a friend who had $500 of his money and his phone. Officer Newberry found out that the man had 10 outstanding warrants from Traverse City that he was aware of and unworried about taking care of. The subject explained that he had no money or food and slept on the street the previous night “almost freezing to death.” He desperately wanted to have access to a computer and was not let in when he tried the libraries. Officer Newberry told him if he stayed calm and cooperated, she would take him to their office and try to help. Once they were at the office, the man got on Facebook and contacted his friend. Officer Coulson gave him a warning for trespassing and explained the college’s boundaries. The subject retorted that if he was arrested for trespassing, he would at least get a meal and a warm place to stay for the night. The officers advised against this and notified the night shift officers of this claim and escorted him out of the office.