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Police Reports Jan. 22 through Jan. 27

Grand Rapids Community College Campus Police Building located at 25 Lyon St (Lucas Southwell/The Collegiate).

By Sherry Sokolowski

Mistaken Retail Fraud in Bookstore

At 10:09 a.m. on Jan. 22, the bookstore assistant manager requested an officer in regards to possible retail fraud. Once Officers Paul Coulson and Martin Ruiz arrived to the first floor of the Grand Rapids Community College Student Center, they immediately made contact with the suspects. Officer Coulson asked them if they had their receipts for the items they purchased and if he could check their backpacks. At this point, the suspects began asking what the problem was and what they did wrong. 

Eventually, the suspects handed over the receipt from the bookstore and showed the officers what they had purchased. All of the items were found on the receipt. The suspects were confused as to what they were accused of stealing, so Officer Coulson went into the bookstore to speak with the assistant manager again while Officer Ruiz stayed with the suspects. Once Officer Coulson returned, he said that the assistant manager suspected they had stolen a disk drive. The suspects explained that they had looked at one, but they put it back. One suspect let Officer Coulson check her bag, and when he did not find anything, the suspects grew very upset and wanted an apology from the person who had accused them of stealing. Officer Coulson went to speak with the assistant manager and returned with them to apologize to the suspects. 

Dispatch looked into both of the suspects to find one had a clean record and the other had two warrants. One was a misdemeanor warrant for disorderly conduct and the other was a felony warrant for felony drugs. The officers informed the suspect of the warrants and that she was being detained until they were confirmed. The suspect was escorted to an interview room at the GRCC Police Department until the warrants were confirmed. Officers told the suspect that she was to be issued PR bonds and a court date for each warrant. The suspect was then escorted out of the department. 


Vehicle Robbery in Parking Ramp 1

At 12:30 a.m. on Jan. 27, a GRCC custodian called the GRCC Police Department and left a voicemail message explaining that his vehicle had been broken into. At 10:15 a.m., Officer Martin Ruiz followed up with a telephone interview with the victim. The victim said that on Jan. 26, at around 4:45 p.m., he parked his vehicle in the Bostwick ramp at level one. He stated at 12:25 a.m. on Jan. 27, he went to his car to return home and had noticed it had been broken into. He mentioned that he had locked his doors when he initially parked it earlier and was unsure if his doors had been opened by someone because he unlocked his car as he was walking up to it. When he reached the vehicle, he noticed his hood and rear doors were slightly open. He searched his vehicle and found that his insurance documents, Michigan registration, and a silver tire key were missing from the glove box. He mentioned that other pieces of paper he had inside of the car were scattered everywhere. The victim said he had no idea who might have entered his vehicle or taken his property. Officer Ruiz advised him to contact the GRCC Police Department if he had any further information.