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Student Involvement Q&A with Sheena Weaver

Usually bustling with students, GRCC campus has been quiet. (Hayley Babbitt/The Collegiate).

By Kennedy Mapes

During an ordinary school year, getting involved on campus is an integral part of most student’s college experiences. COVID-19, however, has made people’s lives anything but ordinary and has made it difficult for students to feel that involvement.

The Collegiate interviewed Sheena Weaver, Office Manager of Student Life at Grand Rapids Community College, to figure out what is happening on campus and the best way for students to get involved during these unexpected times. 

Is Student Life holding any events, (virtual or otherwise) anytime soon?

Our office is not holding any events per se, but the Campus Activities Board also known as CAB is holding virtual events through our GRCC Student Life Facebook page. 

How can students find these events?

When we do virtual/in-person events we typically share that information on the GRCC Student Life Facebook page and also through Raider Connect. Students will want to make sure to follow us on both platforms.

What clubs are currently active and meeting virtually?

In order to find out all the current active clubs, you will want to check out Raider Connect. Raider Connect is the best way to get information regarding Student clubs. This is also where you can see if any clubs are holding any virtual events. You would also join a club through Raiderconnect. 

Is it too late for students to join these clubs?

It is never too late to join clubs. You will just want to make sure that you check out raider connect to do so. You will also want to make sure the club is active before you join. 

What do you think is the best way for students to feel involved during this? How can they make the most out of their experience under these circumstances?

The best way for students to feel involved and make the most of their experience during this time is to follow Student life on Facebook and any other GRCC departments that are on Facebook. This will keep students involved and in the loop of changes and any other upcoming events/plans/etc. Raider Connect is also another great resource for students. This helps students see what organizations are hosting events and this also helps them get connected with an organization that they are interested in. I say stay vigilant on checking email, GRCC’S website and following departments on social media. 

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