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Tik Tok Shoe Painting Trend in Action

Five hours of hard work paid off. I am left with a pair of shoes that are comfortable, fun, and uniquely my own. (Courtesy photo | Chloe Ranger-Raimundi)

By Chloe Ranger-Raimundi

Tik Tok has inspired countless trends. Everything from dancing to cooking to crafting has become a viral “challenge” on the app. While I have never attempted a dancing challenge, I am always a sucker for the crafty trends.

Today I attempted the Walmart Shoe Painting Trend. This trend can be found by searching #shoepainting or #walmartshoes on the Discover page. This video inspired my design.

Essentially, the idea behind the trend is to trek to your local Walmart, purchase a pair of plain sneakers, acquire your desired colors of paint, and create a uniquely styled shoe to sport.

When at Walmart, scanning the shoe section, I thought the hardest decision I was going to make was picking a style of plain sneakers- until I stepped into the paint aisle. After pondering my colorful opinions for an embarrassing amount of time, I decided on various shades of green and pink. I used the colors Forest Green, Snow, and Cherry Blossom Pink from the brand DecoArt.

I decided to add my own little flair to my sneakers by picking up glow-in-the-dark and alphabet beads. 

I was home in a flash. The process of painting these shoes, however, took five hours. So painfully obvious that paint required time to dry between coats, yet this fact so painfully eluded me.

I must say, the finished product was definitely worth the time, money, and effort.

I recommend trying out this creative trend. It was very cathartic and a great way to scratch the artsy itch in my brain. If you do try this trend out for yourself, here are a few tips I picked up:

  • Tape is your friend. Unless you have VERY steady hands, tape was a lifesaver when it came to lines and clean edges.
  • Use acetone or an alcohol swab to clean the shoes beforehand. The paint did not want to stick to the finish on the shoe.
  • The Tik Tok videos recommend using a finish or coating to protect your paint. I cannot recommend the best finish to use. I can, however, let you know that the Matte Finish spray from Krylon will leave splotchy marks on your paint, it will stink up the shoes for a good three days, and it will not seal the paint as it advertises. One outing to the grocery store and the paint was chipping off. Some videos recommend a dipping seal or Mod-podge. 
  • Do not eat ice cream while trying to paint your shoes. Chocolate is difficult to get off of dried, acrylic paint… This is expert advice based on personal experience. 
  • If you want to try something similar but do not have time, do not want to deal with cleaning up, or simply cannot paint, I recommend beading the shoelaces. That was my favorite part. It allows you to create cute designs while keeping the design process easy and quick.