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Students React to GRCC’s Updated Mask Policy

COVID-19 protocol signage across campus. (Breegan Petruska/The Collegiate)

By Sherry Sokolowski

Starting June 1, Grand Rapids Community College has allowed fully vaccinated individuals to go mask-free when on campus. The Collegiate talked with some of GRCC’s students to hear what they have to say about it.

“Personally, I find myself wearing a mask less when I’m in a semi-controlled environment – so office spaces, with friends, small stores maybe,” said student employee Amanda Clouse.  But I’m keeping up to date with case numbers both statewide and county wise, so because of the low numbers, I personally feel better about not wearing one because I’m vaccinated.”

“It also becomes a case of even though I’m vaccinated, the people in my life might not be,” Clouse stated. “If my mom wasn’t vaccinated – and she is thankfully – I would still wear one regardless. So yeah, just be kind to others and respect their decisions.”

GRCC student Hannah Kragt said, “I think GRCC is handling the mask mandate well. It’s very hard to navigate all these rules and regulations during these confusing times. GRCC gives the options for vaccinated individuals to not wear a mask, which is good, but they still are accommodating to those who have not received a vaccine or are still uncomfortable. I feel safe (on) campus and I feel like GRCC is taking the necessary precautions to keep their faculty and staff safe.”

Likewise, Rebecca Lubbers said, “I believe the school is taking the right step–there comes a point where individuals in a society have to make the choice for themselves, and we can only hope that our students and teachers on campus have been equipped with skills to make the best choice.

“I personally am vaccinated and loving being mask-free, however, I am willing to wear one if it makes my friends and family at ease,” Lubbers said. “It isn’t about a political statement nor should it ever have been, it’s about supporting my community and the members among it.”

The college is planning on releasing further information regarding COVID-19 protocols later this week. Check out this story for more information.

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