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“You’re Wrong About”: Revisiting Iconic Moments in Pop Culture

'You're Wrong About" Podcast logo (Photo from 'You're Wrong About' Twitter page)

By Angelina Jahn

Hosted by journalists Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes, “You’re Wrong About” is a podcast that revisits major moments in popular culture history that were misrepresented by the media.

Named one of Time Magazine’s Top 10 Podcasts of 2019, “You’re Wrong About” currently has over 100 episodes. These episodes discuss the misconceptions surrounding subjects such as Princess Diana, the O.J. Simpson Trial, and the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith. In each episode, Marshall and Hobbes switch off the role of researcher, with the other host approaching the episode with only baseline knowledge of the topic being discussed.

While most subjects are contained to a single episode, some topics require multiple episodes for the hosts to fully capture the story. For example, Marshall and Hobbes tackled the Bill Clinton – Monica Lewinsky scandal in a two-part series, with both hosts deciding to research the topic due to their mutual fascination with the scandal.

The episode begins with Marshall, unsure of what to refer to the scandal as, stating that she thinks of it as “Monica-gate.” Hobbes replies that Lewinsky actually resents that term and believes that the incident should be referred to in a way that puts the blame on Clinton. This discussion sets the tone for the two-part series, where the hosts dissect the ways in which the media and public attacked a then 22-year-old White House Intern for the affair, instead of 49-year-old, married, President Bill Clinton. The hosts talk through the misguidedness of these attacks, due to the uneven dynamic caused by Clinton’s age and position of power over Lewinsky.

Michael Hobbes is currently a reporter for the Huffington Post, while Sarah Marshall is working on a novel about the Satanic Panic. The Satanic Panic refers to the phenomenon in which people attribute the reasoning for immoral acts to satanic ritual abuse, and was particularly prevalent in the 1980s.

“You’re Wrong About” is available to listen to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music.