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GRCC students, faculty and administration have a smashing time at PTK’s stress relieving event

Pumpkin smashing event organizers huddled together for a group photo: Aya Ghlaim, Aracely Marroquin, Rebecca Klap, Morgan Brown and Lynnae Selburg. (Shane Madden/The Collegiate)

By Shane Madden 

Students and staff gathered early Tuesday morning, Nov. 2, to relieve some stress and make a mess at Phi Theta Kappa’s “smash your stress” event, held at the Juan R. Olivarez Student Plaza.  

Participants lined up (some adorned in full length ponchos) to take a turn and whack a pumpkin, pausing only to write the name of their stressors in bold with sharpie – manifesting the stress before eliminating it, so to speak. 

“Big pumpkin for big stress,” said GRCC softball head coach Molly McKinney, as she selected what appeared to be the largest pumpkin in the bin.  

Situated near two tables, one with refreshments and prizes, the other, assorted bludgeoning tools, piled high on a large blue tarp beside what can only be described as a chopping block, were GRCC student stressors laying beside the pumpkin chunks. 

‘Work’, ‘school’, ‘the world’, ‘job hunting’ were just a few of the words and phrases scattered amongst the pile. 

“I don’t know what changed, but it seems like there is never enough time in the day anymore,” said Lynnae Selberg, faculty advisor of PTK. Her comment received a resounding “yeah” of affirmation from those standing within earshot.  

“I thought it was (a) bring your own pumpkin (event),” said New Student Orientation Coordinator Jose Mora. He then walked to the table and wrote “Tik Tok” in big letters on the pumpkin before stepping to the tarp and letting loose.   

The smiles and laughter heard among those gathered told the tale of an apparent smashing success.