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Get To Know Lakeshore Campus’ Helping Hand

(Photo Courtesy of Steve Jessmore/GRCC)

By Mathew Pratt

Arianna Fikse is one of the success coaches at Grand Rapids Community College Lakeshore Campus. As a success coach, she meets with students to help them achieve and set their goals. Time management, study skills, and self-care are some of the things she helps students with on a daily basis. Success coaches also plan events like interactive workshops for students on campus. 

Fikse, of Holland, enjoys this career because it allows her to work with so many different people all day long. She grew up in West Michigan and wanted to stay in the area and was interested in working for a community college, which led her to GRCC.

“I have seen first hand how personable, social, and empathetic she is to all her students and those that surround her. Ari brings our team and the students she serves a great amount of knowledge and willingness to meet someone where they are at,” wrote Main Campus Success Coach Leticia Lopez. 

“Education is really important and can make a big difference in someone’s life, I love being a part of that,” Fikse said. She has a lot of love for working at GRCC because they care for students and staff and adds that she loves her team at the Lakeshore Campus. 

Fikse fully supports GRCC’s values and mission as an open access college in helping individuals to attain their goals and contribute to the community. “This Lakeshore Campus success coach carries her responsibilities with enthusiasm. She adjusts her schedule to meet with non-traditional students at their convenience, which often takes place after a long day of work.” said Lakeshore Campus Generalist Rose Muller-Trinh. 

Fikse studied at Central Michigan University and received her bachelor’s degree in student affairs. After CMU, she then went on to achieve her masters degree in higher education. 

Her hobbies outside of her job include puzzles, reading, swimming, cross country skiing, and downhill skiing. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, spending time outdoors, playing board and card games, and traveling. 

A goal that Fikse wants to achieve outside of her professional life is to complete a triathlon this summer. In her professional life, she hopes to see the Lakeshore Campus grow to serve even more students in the communities of Ottawa and Allegan county. 

Fikse is always there to lend an ear, encourage, cheer, and celebrate with her Lakeshore students. She plays a crucial role as a success coach and member of the College Success center and a go-to professional to the Lakeshore Campus students. 

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