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TikTok’s Influence on Gen Z’s Spiritual Growth

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By Mathew Pratt

With social media, especially TikTok, taking over the lives of Gen Z, there’s no doubt that new topics and interests get discovered from those platforms on a daily basis. A topic that has risen in the last couple of years with this generation is manifesting and spirituality.

There is a coping mechanism where Gen Z is getting more in touch with their spiritual side and trying to manifest certain things into their life whether it be in love, money, career, and so on. They want to know what their next step should be whether in a relationship or in their career. These spiritual Tik Tok videos have allowed them to figure out their life path and choose what they want to do next. It has allowed them to become more open minded and wanting to be in more control of their life.

For those who don’t know what manifesting is, it is the power of the mind and believing you can get anything you desire in life. Believing the thing you desire is yours and overtime, the results will then come in. Tarot Readings have also made people interested in finding a deeper meaning with a love connection and career goals, etc. because random TikTok videos will pop up on someone’s for you page and tell them that their love interest is coming back into their life or money is coming in for them, etc. and it may or may not resonate with the audience but it keeps them intrigued to want to know more.

“I see the law of attraction has been around for hundreds of years, but social media allowed it to expand and allowed others to share their personal success stories with it, which is what caused others to become so interested,” said TikTok content creator Lilian Malaeb (@111moonchild).

Malaeb said she felt like she was never understood ever since the age of nine. She was bullied, ignored, and made fun of. One day, she came across her horoscope and was finally able to pinpoint why she felt the way she felt. She felt like she was read like a book. One thing led to another and she found her passion.

“I met with a professional psychic/reiki healer who told me my sensitivity was a gift, that I was an empath and meant to guide and help people,” Malaeb said.

TikTok has motivated her to coach and guide others on their spiritual journey. “TikTok is a huge social media platform that allows me to do so, and by posting my videos and doing my tarot readings, I receive messages and comments daily from people who thank me for doing what I do. That’s my real motivation,” said Malaeb.

There are a lot of content creators out there on TikTok who have a purpose of wanting to heal and guide people. Their purpose is to lead them in the right direction or simply give them a reading on their current life situation, which may or may not resonate. TikTok has become the app where these spiritual creators can engage with an audience and their audience can share stories with one another in the comments section.

“For the Gen Z generation, I think that they’re at this pivotal place of witnessing the changes unfolding around them, and also being open to exploring solutions that may help them to make sense of this ever-changing world, even if it goes against the grain of what they’ve known,” said TikTok content creator Hannah Siddiqui, 23, educator and spiritual coach from Alameda, California (@theroadtohannah_)

Siddiqui who already had an online presence before TikTok was “coaching,” speaking, and teaching for so many years. When TikTok came around, it allowed her to expand her career and reach a new audience.

“I think, how quickly I’ve grown on TikTok has been an example of just how much people need this work, right now,” Siddiqui said. “If anything, it has given me an inspiration to keep doing what I’m doing and to continue to reach as many people as I can.”

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