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Swimmers urged to take caution at Grand Haven State Park due to dangerous waves

Sunset at Grand Haven State Park, May 9, 2017. (Arielle Jackson)

By James Herold 

Dangerous water conditions are putting a damper on those heading to the lakeshore for some fun and sun. 

On June 30 Grand Haven State Park officials made an announcement that the swimming section of the state park is closed to the public. Park officials do not expect the conditions to improve until Friday. 

In an interview with The Collegiate, an employee at the park’s drive-thru entrance building, said, “The beach is open, the water is not, due to very large waves – 7 to 8-foot waves. Anywhere to about 6 to 8-foot waves with rip currents, once the wind and the waves pick up, it gets pretty bad out here. Right now, it’s a red flag, no swimming is allowed, if you are swimming you could be given a ticket.” 

On July 1, according to their Facebook page, park officials shifted to yellow flag statues for 1 to 3-foot waves. “As forecasted we have seen a shift in the wind direction which has reduced wave heights,” the post stated. “Please use caution when entering the water and never swim alone.” 

For further updates, visit the Grand Haven beach website.

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