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GRCC to partner with Ludwig Institute to help students cover the at home cost of schooling

GRCC Applied Technology Manufacturing Welding © Photo by Steve Jessmore. Courtesy of GRCC/Steve Jessmore Photography.

By Shane Madden 

Grand Rapids Community College is set to partner with the Ludwig Institute for Shared Economic Prosperity (LISEP) to assist in overcoming the financial obstacles that prevent residents in underserved communities from continuing their education. 

The Washington-based institute, will provide stipends to eligible students over an 18-week period. They are offering $350 per week for students with dependents and $225 for those without, who are enrolled in GRCC’s welding, electrician, and computer support technician courses. 

“To date, these students haven’t received financial assistance geared specifically toward living expenses while they pursue their credential,” LISEP Founder Gene Ludwig said in a press release. “This means some of them have had to forgo valuable training courses or drop out prior to earning an industry certification. This stipend is intended for students to be able to put food on the table and complete classes at the same time. Ultimately, it will give young adults a better chance at a good-paying job and a better future.” 

GRCC intends for these students to be placed in jobs with local, minority-owned businesses that employ welders and electricians and are positioned for growth. 

“We get to see the transformation in a student’s life when they leave our program with in-demand skills and a job,” GRCC’s Dean of Workforce Training Julie Parks, said in a press release. “We also know there are so many more people who could benefit but worry about the financial obstacles. The Ludwig Institute’s program will remove those barriers and give people opportunities that will not only help these students, but the region’s employers as well.”

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