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GRCC wins Artificial Intelligence grant, partnering with Dell and Intel

The medical coding field has tens of thousands of openings; median pay is $42,630. (Dreamstime/TNS)

By Shane Madden 

Grand Rapids Community College has been selected as one of 15 colleges nationwide to be awarded a $40,000 grant, provided by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), Dell Technologies and Intel. 

The grant will be used to create a hybrid laboratory with greater access to Artificial Intelligence computing power, and the tools and resources necessary to push GRCC to the forefront of Michigan AI educators.  

This new computing power will allow GRCC to join a nationwide AI Incubator Network, allowing students (and the AI) to learn from one another, solve problems together and act as a talent pool for AI jobs. 

Learn more about the AACC and AI Incubators here.

Artificial intelligence has slowly but surely trickled its way into our daily lives, analyzing spending patterns and determining what consumers see on social media, but that dam is about to break. Self-driving cars are coming. Companies have begun using AI to determine best marketing practices and most efficient shipping routes. The future job market is strewn with listings for AI jobs, and not enough candidates to fill them. 

“Today’s students will enter a technology workforce where every organization will focus, in some capacity, on applying AI to solving problems and creating value for organizations,” said Carlos Contreras, senior director of AI and Digital Readiness at Intel. 

Learn more about the “AI faculty shortage” here.


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