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Meth found in ATC, indecent exposure, and rogue hammock lounger – GRCC Police Reports

GRCC Police Department. (Alena Visnovsky/The Collegiate)

By James Herold

Suspicious situation at RJF Hall printing department

On July 21 at approximately 9 a.m., Grand Rapids Community College Police were dispatched regarding a suspicious situation in the printing department in Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall. Dispatch said that an unknown man was sitting at the complainant’s office desk.

The complainant was a GRCC employee who works in the mail room. When asked if he was an employee, the unknown man said no and then the GRCC employee told him he needed to leave. While writing at the desk, the suspect had taken a piece of paper and an ink pen and was actively writing some type of note. The suspect left when told by the complainant that he was going to call campus police. 

The suspect is described as around 50 years old, of slender build, wearing a gray tracksuit, black hat, and carrying a cup. 

The office door as well as an exterior door off of Winchester Place were both propped open. A GRCC building manager said he would address why the door was propped open.

Rogue hammock lounger booted from campus

On July 25 at approximately 7:30 p.m., GRCC Police, while completing a drive near the early childhood learning lab parking lot, came into contact with a woman lying in a hammock reading between the preschool and the Applied Technology Center. 

The woman was told she was not allowed to hang her hammock on GRCC property and she proceeded to grab her belongings. She left the property without incident and had no prior contact with GRCC Police.

Meth found in Applied Technology Center

On Aug. 1, around 10 a.m., GRCC Police were dispatched to the Applied Technology Center for a suspicious substance in a plastic Ziploc baggie. The complainant found the baggie laying on the floor on the second floor of the ATC, by Art and Bev’s near the bathrooms. The complainant didn’t want to touch the baggie. 

GRCC Police responded by putting on disposable latex gloves and an N95 mask before picking up the baggie. The officer brought the baggie back to the police department for analysis. The baggie and its contents weighed 4 grams. The contents were tested for cocaine and meth. The contents tested positive for meth. GRCC PD does not have a test kit for fentanyl. The baggie and test kits were sealed in a manilla envelope and placed in the locked safe meds box.

GRCC Police release more information about indecent exposure incident in Ramp A

On Aug. 2, at approximately 6:15 a.m., the Grand Rapids Community College Police responded to a vehicle honking their horn several times in level one of Ramp A at 140 Bostwick Ave NE. 

The driver was a GRCC faculty member. She was visually upset. She told GRCC Police that a man just approached her vehicle and began masturbating. 

She said she pulled into the parking spot a short time before 6 a.m. She was sitting in her vehicle writing thank-you notes to her students. She saw a man walk into the parking structure from the exit driveway off of Bostwick Commons. She said that he walked past her vehicle on the driver’s side. He walked close enough that he could see into her vehicle. After he walked past, he stopped and turned around. He stopped at the front driver’s door, looked at the victim and waved. The victim, at this time, was trying to call the police department for help but could not connect to WiFi. 

After waving at her, the man proceeded to walk to the rear side of the vehicle. While watching from the side mirror, she saw him masturbate. She began to honk her horn and the man left the ramp the way he came in. 

The man is described as mid 20’s with a thin build wearing a black shirt and stone washed pants. He was also wearing a hat (possibly black). She described him as being dark-complected.

GRCC police were unable to locate anyone matching the description. 

GRCC police reviewed the surveillance video in the area. There are two cameras that the suspect can be seen on. The first camera covers the south end of the commons. The suspect can be seen walking east on Fountain Street. He walked up the driveway to Ramp A. As he entered the ramp, the second camera covered the exit area of the ramp. The man can be seen entering the ramp at 6:02 a.m. The cameras then show him exit the ramp and go in the same direction he came from at 6:08 a.m. 

The suspect is wearing a black T-shirt with a red mushroom on it (from the Mario video game). He is also wearing gray pants, white/blue Nike tennis shoes and he has a black baseball hat on. The man’s face is not visible due to poor image quality. 

GRCC Communications Department sent out a public safety advisory notification regarding the incident.

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