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Student crashes into Police cruiser, Rear tire explodes

Close up of GRCC Police Department sign from Bostwick Avenue. (Alena Visnovsky/The Collegiate)

James Herold- Collegiate Reporter

Student crashes into police cruiser in Administration Lot

On Oct. 12 at approximately 1:02 p.m., Grand Rapids Community College Police were dispatched to the Devos Administration Parking Lot. Dispatch advised Officer’s Thomas Stasiak and Mario Jimenez were involved in an accident involving a patrol vehicle. Officer Stasiak advised the vehicle was disabled.

The rear and quarter panel and rear tire were damaged on the passenger side of the patrol vehicle (CP-1). Jimenez and Stasiak were driving westbound on the north end of the lot when Stasiak heard the rear tire explode. 

Stasiak advised another person was backing out of a parking spot and struck the police cruiser with her vehicle. Her vehicle was not damaged but the Reese Hitch from her car caused damage to the police cruiser. 

The lady started crying when she explained what happened and was told by police that everything was OK and that it’s just a car. The officer told her not to park in the administration lot next time as she was a GRCC student, and to make sure there was nothing behind her when she backed up. 

M-TEC staff call police on student wearing a cowboy hat and trench coat 

On Oct. 13 at approximately 5:28 p.m., GRCC Police were dispatched to the GRCC M-TEC Building at 622 Godfrey Ave SW for a suspicious person in the parking lot. The individual was described as a male wearing a cowboy hat and trench coat. The man was observed talking to himself and waving around his arms. Then the man entered the building, grabbed a slice of pizza, and a leather briefcase then exited the building.

No one was in the parking lot upon the arrival of police. There was a young children’s event going on inside. Personnel at the building didn’t want police to enter but showed where the man was sitting at a table in the back of the lobby. The police were able to verify that the man was a student waiting for his class to start and that he  had a briefcase that belonged to him. 

M-TEC staff said they called police because of the man’s strange behavior and they thought that he wasn’t a GRCC student. Police determined that the man didn’t do anything wrong and apologized to him for the disturbance. 

Two homeless men trespass on campus, deny urinating outside

On Oct. 19 at 9:08 a.m., GRCC Police responded to the area between the Learning Resource Center at 140 Bostwick Ave NE, and the Applied Technology Center at 151 Fountain St. NE on a report of two homeless men loitering in the area. The men were aggressively panhandling and one of them was allegedly urinating outside. 

They were loading their belongings into a shopping cart when police arrived. The men both denied urinating outside and police found no evidence of it.

As they were about to leave, the suspects were given trespassing warnings and were advised that next time they are caught on GRCC campuses, they would get an appearance ticket or a trip to the county jail. Both men acknowledged this and left without incident. 

911 call confuses GRPD

On Oct. 19 at approximately 1:25 a.m., GRCC police were contacted by the Grand Rapids Police Department via the GRCC police on-call pager phone. GRPD advised of a 911 hang-up within the Ford Fieldhouse gym elevator at 111 Lyon St NE. 

When police arrived on scene no one was present in the  elevators and no suspicious behavior was observed.

Hit and run incident reported in Ramp A

On Oct. 19 at 5:47 p.m., GRCC Police were dispatched to GRCC Parking Ramp A at 140 Bostwick Ave NE for  a hit and run accident on the sixth  level of the ramp. 

The man  showed the damage to his vehicle including damage on the left rear quarter panel. The man stated that the incident happened sometime between 1:30 p.m. and 5:47 p.m. The man gave the officer his insurance card and the officer gave the subject his business card with a report number written on it.

The man stated that he didn’t know who hit him.

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