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Hispanic Student Organization holds first meet and greet of the semester


By Selena Reyes

The Hispanic Student Organization hosted its first meeting on Feb 09. A Google form sent out via email invited students to share some ideas for future events and activities for the group. Also offering leadership opportunities to students who are interested in joining the group. Students were invited to join the group meeting and future meetings regardless of their ethnicity.  

“It’s called Hispanic Student Organization, but we really want to make it inclusive for anybody so they don’t necessarily have to be Latino,”  said Jaqueline Araiza, the Admissions and Enrollment Coordinator and Lakeshore Campus lead. “They can be whatever they identify themselves as and they can come out and vibe with us basically.” 

“I just want to make sure (students) have a place where they can be themselves and discover more about their identity and how they’ll learn from others,” said Elino Cortes Figuereo, the program manager of the adult education and ESL college program. “Just know this is a place they can explore, have career exploration and learn about more opportunities out there.”

The student-led organization is also currently looking to fill positions for a committee board. Any students interested in being a part of the organization are welcome to apply to become a president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer. To be considered for the positions, applicants must be a GRCC student, have availability to attend organization events, and commit to regular scheduled monthly meetings. To connect with the organization visit Raider Connect

“You develop a sense of community and togetherness when you are part of a group. We are here to be advisers, we are here to help you and all the students that want to be a part of it to get to their goals and go out there and make a change in the world,”  Figuero said.  

All leftover food from the event was donated to the food pantry. Future events and activities are to be announced. As well as leadership positions waiting to be filled. 

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