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The Collegiate is Seeking out Students to Share Opinions on a Variety of Mental Health Topics


By Kaden Boock

The Collegiate is in search of students who are willing to speak out on a few different mental health topics. We are currently working on several different stories that will discuss mental health and how it’s affecting our students and campus. Any opinions are relevant and important to us, and it’s an easy way to let your voice be heard if you’re willing. There’s a general mental health survey that you can fill out anonymously, as well as sources you can contact if you’d like to speak out on the ways that mental health disorders can affect a student’s academic performance.  There is an option as well to speak out about men’s mental health specifically.

Mental Health Survey

The mental health survey is available to provide a place to hear student feedback on how mental health is affecting all of us as college students. You can keep yourself anonymous, or opt to share your information and speak further to our reporters about the issues if you’re willing. The Collegiate staff will plan future coverage based on what students share via the survey

Mental Disorders in the Classroom

While physical impairments are considered when creating a classroom space, mental disorders are often overlooked. Classroom anxiety can cause students to shy away from asking questions, participating in group projects, or contacting professors. Depression may delay homework or cause students to miss classes. Any mental health disorder can have a direct correlation to classroom performance, yet these disorders are not treated the same as physical disabilities or sickness. What is your experience in the classroom with these disorders and how they’re treated? What would you like to see change in classrooms for you? Please contact myahibbard@email.grcc.edu if you would like to have a conversation about your experience.

Men’s Mental Health

Mental health can be a very challenging conversation for some people to have due to all of the stigmas surrounding it. Men’s mental health can be even less discussed due to the mindset that men need to be tough and not show emotion. Being able to speak out about what you’re struggling with and not feel judged for it is crucial in order to heal and grow, and it’s important that men feel comfortable to do that as well, despite the stereotypes and stigmas. If you would like to have a conversation about these stigmas and what needs to change in order for men to feel more comfortable speaking out about these issues, please contact kadenboock@email.grcc.edu and share your desire to participate in this discussion.

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