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Practice self-love this Valentines at the “Love Me More” event.


By Natalie Myers 

Lety VanAssen and the College Success Center want you to practice more self love, especially with Valentines day coming up. 

We all know that the pressure of the romantic holiday comes with feeling lonely, feeling the need to make plans with someone, or just feeling the pressure of not having a partnership. But what would happen if that energy was put into self love? 

A “Love Me More” event is scheduled for 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 6, in room 234 in the Student Center, the event will also be taking place at the Lake Shore campus at the same time. This is an open-house style event where students are welcome to come and go as they please. Journals will be provided as well as supplies to decorate them and prompts to write a love letter to yourself or just get journal entries started. There will be a talk about self love and of course, snacks and drinks. 

What should you take away from this event if you were to go? VanAssen said the biggest takeaway she wants participants to have is, “just taking the time to reflect and push that self love within yourself in general… People think you have to have a partner to be a part of it and that’s not true. We wanted to really focus on that self love component.” 

Everyone is busy this time of year, and especially students with the new semester ramping up, but VanAssen wants us all to take a break. Taking a break can be really helpful when students are so caught up in studying and trying to meet deadlines. But it is important for students to still make time to do things for themselves and do something nice for themselves, like starting a journal and keeping up with it every week or being able to update throughout the semester. 

When VanAssen was asked if she could tell students one thing about the Love Me More event she said “tell them to take some time away from their studies, and take a break! We get caught up in doing everything and anything… but a break is helpful, so join us and enjoy some free food!” Really stressing the importance of students making time for themselves and going to social events with other students.

When planning these events VanAssen plans for about 50 students to register to come so that there is plenty of supplies, time and snacks to go around. The College Success Center does about one event a month to correlate with the theme of that month. VanAssen also strongly encourages all students to check Raider Connect and keep an eye on it because all departments post their events there. 

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